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TSA relaxes ban on knives and sharp sticks on planes

By: Paul Grunwald
on March 9, 2013 8:00 am

ec97_annihilator_superhammer 1

Though you still can’t carry your complete Zombie Apocalypse toolkit with you on a plane (my personal favorite, the Dead On Annihilator Superhammer is shown), as of April 25th, 2013, the TSA is changing the rules on small pocketknives, toy bats, ski poles, hockey and lacross sticks, pool cues, and golf clubs. Now, if I could just have those 3 Leatherman Squirts that I have donated to the government back…


  1. 1
    Ryan Chapman says:

    Sadly I am still unable to bring my nun-chucks on the plane.

  2. 2
    Tetsubo says:

    While I embrace this as good news, I will never board a plane again until my 4th amendment rights are respected. I am not a criminal until proven to be one. I refuse to be treated as one to board a glorified bus.

  3. 3
    Byron says:

    Agreed, I vowed about 10 years ago NEVER to board a plane again.

    I believe in being safe, but when they are shaking down little old ladies in wheelchairs and walkers I draw the line.

    Never again, I’ll drive.

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