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Keep a tough beast in your pocket by carrying the Rhino Multi-tool

on February 22, 2013 10:00 am

Yeople Rhino Multi-too-1 .jpg

The Rhino Multi-tool is a interesting new pocket/key chain multi-tool from Yeople. The Rhino Multi-tool is given its name because of its unique shape (if you look hard it does kind of resemble a Rhinoceros) and its toughness. The Rhino Multi-tool can be used as a:

  • 3/8″ (9.5 mm) wrench
  • 1/2″ (13 mm) wrench
  • 9/16″ (14.5 mm) wrench
  • screwdriver (it contains 4 different tips)
  • wax comb
  • ice scraper
  • bottle opener
  • key clip

The Rhino Multi-tool appears to be made of stainless steel and a nylon copolymer for durability and weight.

The Rhino Multi-tool is not available in the Unites States yet, but can be purchased at the Yeople website for 30 Euros plus 4 Euros shipping.


  1. 1
    Kevin says:

    Is it weird that the wrenches are SAE but it’s only available in Europe?

  2. 2
    Scott says:

    I’m not so sure about how I feel about the shape of this, but it could make a cool gift. For someone else of course ;)

  3. 3
    Larry Connor says:

    I just bought mine in USA. Why you said is not available here???? I got it in 3 days at home.

  4. 4
    Larry Geisz says:

    @Larry Connor at the time that I wrote this article the product was not yet available in the US. I imagine by now it is.

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