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Poddities – Hardware for your iPhone

on March 28, 2012 1:00 pm

Poddities are metal clips for your iPhone 4/4S that you can screw directly into the bottom of the phone. One clip offers an attachment point for hand straps, while the other one functions as a money clip. Both Poddities attach to the bottom of the iPhone by removing the existing screws on either side of the docking connector. A special screw driver is included with each clip and once installed, you can still plug in the charge/sync cable. Poddities can be purchased from Strapya World and are priced a $18.50 for the hand strap clip and $32.80 for the money clip.


  1. 1
    andix says:

    I for one wouldn’t trust anything that puts strain onto the iphone’s chassis. I’m not sure it was designed for such forces. And if the strain propagates into the circuit board – a hairline crack is all it takes – here you have it, the oops of the day for $18.50, respectively $32.80 :)

  2. 2
    Anson says:

    I’ve had the strap attachment in my iPhone off & On since I picked one up in Tokyo last summer. The only drawback I find (as a case-a-holic) is that it doesn’t allow swapping between cases… Unless you enjoy swapping screws (the screws used are about 1/3rd longer than “stock”) Also, you must run your phone case less you are a modder- I had to hack off the lip on my apple-bumper case to accommodate the attachment.

  3. 3
    CRusso says:

    Worth about $3 including the screwdriver. Amazing, say its for apple and rip off people.

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