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Pop open a cold one with your watch

on January 5, 2012 9:30 am

Filed under kooky but useful, the Happy Hour wrist watch not only tells time, but also allows you to pop open a beer with the strap buckle. Priced from $69.95 – $99.95, these watches feature a leather strap with a patented stainless steel bottle-opening buckle. I’m sure the college crowd would love this watch, but would you wear one?


  1. 1
    Ken Schoenberg says:

    $70 and think of all the savings from not having to go to the dentist after you open the bottles with your teeth.
    Twist-offs are for the weak.

  2. 2
    Bob DeLoyd says:

    So this is $70 bottle opener that can tell time or a $70 watch that can open up bottles?

  3. 3
    blore40 says:

    It is Miller Time!

  4. 4
    Carla says:

    Looks a little dangerous. A few too many could lead to injury.

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