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Amazon Registers Domains – Re Kindle the Rumours

Amazon recently registered the domain names Kindlescribe.com and Kindlescribes.com.  This adds to their KindleAir and KindleSocialNetwork domain names they registered earlier this month.   We’ve all heard the rumours about a tablet based device but what else does Amazon have planned ? An ebook writer ? A light weight aluminum e-reader ?   A competitor to Facebook ?

Hope it’s nothing too nice as I only just ordered  Kindle number 4 this week.   Thoughts, guesses, speculations fellow Gadgeteers ????

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  • Rob Tillotson August 25, 2011, 5:25 pm

    My guess thus far is that “Kindle Scribe” might not be a bad name for a tablet with a pen, like the HTC Flyer… good for notetaking, would probably fit well with a growing emphasis on e-textbooks.

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