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Make Your Own Mini-Me

on November 11, 2010 6:30 am

Sculpteo is a French company that does 3-D printing from your own 3-D designs.  If you aren’t skilled in 3-D graphical design, Sculpteo has a special product that still lets you create your own customized figure.  You can create your own avatar simply by sending them two photos of yourself – face-on and profile – and specifying the type of clothing you’d like your figure to wear.  The experts at Sculpteo will handle the 3-D modeling, and you’ll get the chance to approve the model before it’s printed.  The avatars are available in two sizes:  2.75″ for about $82.50 and about 4″ for $123.90.  You can order multiples of the 2.75″ size for about $41 each and of the 4″ size for about $82 each.  Submit your pictures at the Sculpteo website to get started on your avatar.


  1. 1
    Adam Scinto says:

    That’s just freaky! But I still want one…

  2. 2
    rigby says:

    awburn hair, hazel eyes, palish tan skin, tall, vans shoes, baggy black pants, and a hurley shirt, plus skateboard……..

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