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You’re Better Off Hiring Edward Scissor Hands

By: cobinrox
on March 6, 2010 5:35 pm

In the continuous quest to find useful gadgets and make our readers’ lives more productive . . . Ok, I got these on sale for ten bucks.  I’ve seen these before and thought they looked like a neat idea.  They are a neat idea.  And they work as well as electric shredders.   Or, they work as poorly as electric shredders.   Follow the illustrative journey . . .





1. Shredder Scissors — neat idea and they were on sale!
2. These look nasty and effective.
3. How about that — they work just like an electric shredder — clogs up and useless.
4. Putting them where they belong — in the trash.


  1. 1
    Andy Chen says:

    I thank you in advance for saving me the trouble! :)

  2. 2
    Daniel Staal says:

    The only time I’ve ever seen these advertised, they always were specifically mentioned to be used for shredding credit cards, not paper. I wonder if they’d have worked better there.

    (And I’m fairly happy with my electric shredder… Of course, I bought one a couple of levels up from the cheapest, and make sure never to put more in to it at a time than it’s rated for.)

  3. 3
    Sandee Cohen says:

    My partner has wanted to buy these on several visits to stores.

    But I felt they were crap.

    I can now show her this review.


  4. 4
    BaldSpot says:

    I would have tried them at the store.

  5. 5
    davo says:

    I agree with Daniel Staal you get the shredder you pay for, mines still working after 3 years (10 year warranty) but was pricey compared to budget models.

  6. 6
    Mark Adkins says:

    They look like a gag gift… ‘Blonde’s Paper Shredder’ sort of thing.

  7. 7
    Ekstor says:

    I have these as well and agree that they LOOK much more useful than they really are. With regards to credit cards, you’ll be very frustrated as it is VERY difficult to cut through credit cards with this (you’re trying to slice multiple strips of hard plastic at once).

    Agreed with the other comments about paper shredders. I’ve had three paper shredders. The first two models were cheap models which brought their share of frustration. Once I got a pricier model (>$100) that could handle 10-12 sheets as well as CDs and Credit Cards, I saw a HUGE difference. Previously, I had to be so careful about what I fed into the shredder… now my current model just seems to chew through everything without breaking a sweat!

  8. 8
    BaldSpot says:

    Fellowes is advertising their cross-cut shredders as Clog Free. That is amazing.

  9. 9
    Ekstor says:

    Fellowes is the brand that I have (12-sheet model that does credit cards and CDs as well). I haven’t had an issue with paper clogging yet unlike my prior two cheap brands.

  10. 10
    blore40 says:

    Two cheapo Walmart shredders later, I splurged on a Fellowes from Costco. Huge difference. Just remember to oil the blades every so often.

    I saw these scissors in the Beyond section of BB&B. I tried it on the cardboard backing of its own blister pack. Not a good cut. Maybe they should call it ColeSlaw scissors.

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