Plug and Play Wireless Vehicle Monitors


Lemur Vehicle Monitors offers 3 different wireless modules for your car that look pretty useful. EconoDriver will display cost per trip, current gas mileage and the Green rating of your driving performance (hmmm, not sure exactly what that means…). The SafeDriver module displays the maximum speed, miles traveled and number of sudden stops since the last reset. This would be a good one for parents of teen drivers. The kids can’t reset the device unless they know the PIN number. There’s also a module called AlertDriver that is designed to warn you when you’re driving too fast. All the monitors are easy to install and include a special module that plugs directly into the data port of your car to transmit the data to the vehicle monitor wirelessly. Prices range from $49.99 – $69.99

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  • Ricky Spears February 20, 2010, 1:06 pm

    I would really like to see a device that would send the mileage on my vehicles to a web service that would let me know on a weekly basis how far away the next scheduled maintenance times were.

    I just realized last night that I’m about 700 miles overdue for an oil change and tire rotation. Ugh!

  • NBRed5 February 22, 2010, 7:57 am

    Funny I rotate my tyres (note the correct spelling) every time I drive my car, it wouldn’t go far otherwise, I suggest you take off the handbrake if your tyres are not rotating.

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