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Let TED monitor your electricity usage in real time

on February 1, 2010 12:10 pm

The TED 5000 series of smart meters allow home energy monitoring in real time. You can even view your electricity usage from any Internet-connected device, including your mobile phone. This device is compatible with Google PowerMeter. Kits start at $199.95


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    Joel Spangler says:

    Just wanted to point out another similar device that I feel is a better product.

    The Brultech ECM-1240 monitors the main feed coming from the electric meter just like the TED units, but the brultech unit also allows you to monitor 5 subfeeds (breakers) in your breaker box. You can narrow down usage a bit better this way.

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    Daniel says:

    We have a similar product in the UK called

    It uses a clamp and a energy meter on your main inlet box, and then you can use smartplugs on other devices to see how much each appliance draws. It also doubles up as a great Home Automation system (well kinda) switching on and off appliances when triggered by the system.

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    aL says:

    TED is one of the better units and does make an effort to be accurate in the power factor and voltage are used.
    I just find the Brultech unit to be even more accurate, gives more channels, because one is not enough with fridges/freezers etc switching on/off to make confusing picture more baffling.

    You can even use channel 7 to hook up and log your gas meter.

    more here

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