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Hide a MicroSD card inside a nickle – Spy Coins

on September 19, 2009 10:51 pm

spy-coinYou can feel like James Bond with one of these special Spy Coins from Dereu & Sons Mfg. Co. Each coin has been hollowed out to allow a MicroSD card to fit inside. The two halves are then combined to be virtually indistinguishable from a regular coin. A special ring is included that opens the coin to retrieve the flash card. Get your own hollow nickel for $30.


  1. 1
    Jackie Cheng says:

    That’s one expensive nickel. Even the microSD card doesn’t cost that much…lol

  2. 2
    ssschmidt says:

    Very cool idea. And the distributors “history” of the use of coins is fascinating.
    My question… Paying $30.00 for .05 cents? Talk about depreciation….
    Kind of like the machines at various tourist attractions in the US that will “flatten” your penny and imprint it with a design. For ONLY .50 .. I do realize that you can’t put a micro SD in a flattened penny.

  3. 3
    Jackie Cheng says:

    @ssschmidt : Those tourist attractions actually costs 51 cents. You have to provide your own penny. lol

  4. 4
    3dBloke says:

    You’d have to be careful not to spend it…

  5. 5

    This is the same thing that brought down the Rosenbergs, if I recall my reading from back in high school correctly. There was a microfilm hidden in a coin, and it was accidently given to the paper boy who accidently dropped it on the floor in the hallway. The coin split open, and he noticed the tiny strip of film and became suspicious. He took the microfilm to the FBI, and it helped seal the fate of the Rosenbergs.

  6. 6
    anonymous says:

    @ssschmidt: There’s a difference between .05 dollars and .05 cents, the former is 100 times larger than the latter. If you say there’s actually no difference here, I hope your boss reads this and adjusts your salary to match your logic.

  7. 7
    OJ Simpson says:

    Oh damn, I spent the nickel that held the micro SD with the evidence proving who the real killer was! If you find my hidden micro SD please send it to me so I can finally prove my innocence.

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