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Why should you let The Gadgeteer review your product(s)?

We’ve been doing this for over 15 years now and know that reviews posted here on The Gadgeteer will bring a lot of free exposure to your product. You’ll be assured in knowing that your product will receive the most thorough and unbiased review possible. We take the necessary time to use your product before we start writing about it, so that we can become familiar with its features and report on them accurately.

How to submit an item for review:

Contact Julie Strietelmeier with info on the product that you would like to offer for review. I can’t guarantee that every item will be accepted for review, as it will need to fit the focus of the site. Emails are answered several times a day. We are looking forward to reviewing your product!

Review Policy:

Once a product has been received, a review will be posted within 1-8 weeks. You will be contacted via email once the review has been posted, with a link to the review.

High quality images will be included in all reviews to illustrate key details. Links back to the manufacturer and retailer will also be part of every review. A public comments section is included at the bottom of each review and you are invited to participate in any  discussions if you desire.

Unsolicited products sent without any prior correspondence may or may not be reviewed.

Drafts of the unpublished review will not be provided prior to posting.

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“Thank you for the review. I appreciate your honest feedback and the constructive criticism.”
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