Cyber Snipa Dog Tags with USB Flash Drive

I’m such a loser. All my friends and family agree with me: I have a terrible habit of losing USB thumb drives. Not only have I left them in the most unlikely of places, but I have also laundered them, stepped on them, and even left them out in the rain. A few of the drives I’ve owed over the years have included a neck lanyard, but I’ve never used them because they look so ugly.

Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575)

How many of you keep a flashlight in the glove compartment of your car? Ok, now how many of you ever remember to charge / change
the batteries in those flashlights regularly? Me neither. Kind of defeats the purpose of having it there in the first
place doesn’t it? ;o) Coast Products has just come out with the Auto LED (TT7575CP). Sent to me by Discount LED Lights and Knives, this is a cool little LED flashlight for your vehicle that is always
juiced up and ready for use because it stores in a 12V cigarette lighter socket and charges while your car is running.


Are you the type of person that prides themselves as always being prepared for any situation? You know the type, they pack 5 pairs of socks and underwear for an overnight trip. They carry a first aid kit in their car, stow extra house keys at work, etc. Well, if you fall into this category, then I think you will be very interested in the FlareSafe flashlight from FlareBrands Limited. What’s that? You say you already carry a flashlight with you? Ok, I knew that… But does your flashlight double as a smoke detector and a distress alarm? I didn’t think so!

Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip

I’m really starting to develop a ‘thing’ for flashlights. Not just any old flashlights do it for me though. They have to be both bright and unique. Lucky for me, that Discount LED Lights and Knives sent me several really nice Coast flashlights to review. The one I’m going to introduce to you today is the Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip (model: LL7732).

Sylvania’s Dot-it mini LED Light

I am a huge fan of white LEDs. Light Emitting Diodes are bright, compact, and require little power, which makes them perfect for small spaces. While reorganizing my utility closet last winter, I became frustrated that it did not have any built-in source of light. Briefly contemplating the idea of rewiring of my house, I decided to look for a battery powered light source made to stick to a wall or ceiling.

Nuwai Luxeon III TM-303X LED Flashlight

A good flashlight for the ordinary person is like most tools, only appreciated when needed. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t use a flashlight every day. Or even once a week. But when the need arrises, you’re always happy to have a reliable one at hand. I’m happy to tell you about the TM-303X; a small robust little light from Nuwai, which is available in Black and Titanium finishes.

Lumaray FL6 2006 LED Flashlight

The first Lumaray flashlight I ever reviewed was last year’s FL6.
After completing that review, I fully planned on keeping the torch
and using it for many years to come…but that was not to be. I
made the mistake of showing it to my good friend Grabb, a detective
with the Tom Green County Sherriff’s Department. He convinced me
that he needed it worse than I did. The second Lumaray I reviewed
was the FL12. This flashlight had no sooner shown up at our house
than my husband Steve told me he wanted it as soon as I had
completed the review. Are you noticing a pattern here? Grrrr…

Gadget Brando 4in1 Key Ring LED Light Pen

If you have held off adding a small LED torch to your keyring,
after reading today’s review you may be glad that you waited. We
all know the benefits of having an LED torch where it is always
easily accessible, but the Gadget Brando 4in1 Key Ring LED Light
Pen adds a few extra perks that may make owning one even more

Brando One Battery Torch

I’m always on the lookout for good flashlights. Living in South Florida has given me a better appreciation for dependable light sources due to our frequent hurricanes and otherwise unreliable electric service. Lately I’ve also found the need for a small light during my normal daily activities, so having one small enough to fit in …

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