xTool Announces the M1 Ultra 4-in-1 Multi-Craft Machine

xTool M1 Ultra Laser 1

NEWS – xTool.com has announced yet another innovative craft machine, the xTool.com. Combining a laser machine, a die-cutting machine, an inkjet printer, and a drawing robot into one intelligent device that brings your creative ideas into reality.

Whether you’re creating home decor, crafts, party items, toys, games, or apparel, the xTool M1 Ultra is a one-stop studio that meets almost all crafting needs. Not only does an all-in-one machine aid in efficiency, but it also aids in precision when multiple operations can be performed without moving the project material.

The laser mode features a 455nm 10W or 20W diode laser to engrave materials such as wood, leather, glass, rock, and paper at up to 400mm/s. The 10W laser module can also cut wood up to 6mm thick (20W 10mm thick) and acrylic up to 3mm thick. The M1 Ultra is a Class 1 Laser machine, meaning it’s fully enclosed and has advanced safety features. Being that the laser is a Quick Swap module, there are possibilities for other laser modules in the future.

The blade mode features four separate tools: a fine-point blade, a cutting blade, a rotary blade, and a foil transfer tip.

The fine-point blade allows for the cutting of thin materials such as paper, adhesive stickers, and vinyl. The cutting blade is ideal for processing flexible materials such as thicker leather and materials up to 2.5mm thick. The rotary blade excels in processing fabric materials such as denim, cotton, and linen. The foil transfer tip can emboss foil on paper for a stunning effect that is normally a tedious manual process.

xTool M1 Ultra Laser 5

The inkjet mode can print full-color designs on various materials. This enables you to print a design on material such as wood, paper, or fabric, and then using the blade mode you can cut out the design.

xTool M1 Ultra Laser 6

The pen mode can use various pens for drawing and writing. The standard pack includes 0.4mm fine liner pens in eight colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and black. Support for third-party pens allows you to use different ink to paint on ceramics, acrylics, and wood.

The xTool.com boasts a quick and easy setup, you can get started in just 15 minutes. Switching modes are as fast as 3 seconds with the Quick Swap modules that drop in and secure with a tool-free quick-release lever.

xTool M1 Ultra Laser 2

Featuring a 300x300mm working area and a desktop footprint size of 24.2″×19.6″×7″ (620mm×498mm×178mm), the xTool M1 Ultra fits neatly on most desks. The xTool M1 Ultra will also work with the optional riser base, smoke purifier, and rotary accessories.

xTool has also announced their xTool Heat Press Machines. These heat presses feature a brand-new control method that enables precise temp and time control and custom presets in all heat press modes, making every transfer perfect and easy. The large press can also be removed from the press machine and placed on items to transfer.

xTool M1 Ultra Laser 3

Details on the heat press machines are currently sparse, but full details will be available after the official announcement on July 10th at 6 PM (PDT).

xTool M1 Ultra Laser 4

xTool is currently offering a Pre-sale discount from July 1st to July 9th. For a $50 refundable deposit, you receive a $500 discount plus $500 exclusive benefits. 

Final price starts at $999.99 with a deposit
Deposit payment period: July 1st to July 9th
Final payment period: July 10th to July 23rd
For more information about the xTool M1 Ultra, go to xTool.com.

xtool m1 ultra pricing

The more people that pay the deposit, the lower the M1 Ultra price will be for backers. If 1000 backers pay the $50 deposit, the pre-price for M1 ultra will go down to $999.

xtool m1ultra

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