Innovating for the planet: LONGER’s laser engravers lead the way on Earth Day

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SPONSORED NEWS – On April 22, people worldwide celebrate World Earth Day. With our society rapidly developing, there is growing concern about the ecological problems that our planet is facing. This has made environmental protection and sustainable development topics of global importance. As we face challenges such as climate change, resource waste, and protection of ecosystems, we are searching for new ideas. Laser engraving technology has emerged as a bright star in the pursuit of sustainable development and environmental protection. Its role is becoming increasingly prominent.

Laser engraving technology has a very high material utilization rate. Compared with traditional cutting and engraving methods, the machine and engraving material are engraved by a beam of light, using the material more efficiently and thus reducing waste. Additionally, laser engravers offer the flexibility to use a variety of sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled wood, and biodegradable plastics, reducing reliance on limited resources.

Earth Day is a global event with wide participation, and LONGER has responded positively to its social responsibility by joining this Earth Day initiative. During the 2024 Earth Day event, LONGER will introduce laser engraving machines for different skill levels, such as the RAY5 20W for novices and the B1 40W for veterans familiar with creation. The RAY5 20W has a lower power, with engraving speeds of up to 10,000mm/m, and the RAY5 20W engraver is equipped with an accuracy of 0.01*0.01mm, which focuses the energy even more, combining simplicity and precision, making it the Ideal for beginners to enter the world of engraving and cutting.

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The LONGER LaserB1 40W Laser B1 series machines stand out with their powerful features to meet the needs of experienced creators who are well-versed in engraving and cutting techniques including the ability to cut 50mm black acrylic. Purchasing these Longer products not only allows participants to enjoy a premium laser engraving experience, but also directly supports the environment.

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Everyone who purchases a LONGER product is contributing to sustainable development. Click here to visit the environmentally friendly business using LONGER engraving machines shared by LONGER fans-Anna Nielsen. Laser engraving technology will continue to play a more important role in the future, for the sustainable development of the earth and environmental protection to contribute more power, and jointly create a better future.

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