Tops Home Store Titanium Knife review – A tiny pocket knife for less than $9?

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REVIEW – If you need an itsy bitsy teeny weeny EDC knife for your fifth pocket in your jeans, the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife might be the one for you, especially if you want to spend less than $10. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Tops Home Store Titanium Knife is a tiny folding knife.

What’s included?

  • Tops Home Store Titanium Knife
  • Split ring

Design and features

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The Tops Home Store Titanium Knife is only 1.625 inches long and is shaped like a comma.

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The frame of the knife is made of titanium and has an open filigree type of design.

tops knife 4

Although the frame is open and you can see the blade, you won’t cut yourself when the knife is closed.

tops knife 5

I can’t say the same about when the knife is opened, though, because the little blade is wicked sharp! A slot in the blade helps to open it.

tops knife 6

The knife’s shape provides some grip, but due to its overall size, it doesn’t help very much.

tops knife 7

For safety, the blade locks securely in place when the blade is closed or open. Looking at the image above, you can see the little ball bearings that act like a lock.

The opening and closing action is easy, and it has a satisfying click. You have to be careful because the blade is sharp, and it’s easy to get your fingers in the way.

See it in action

What I like about the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife

  • Sharp
  • Small enough for your keychain
  • Blade locks
  • Inexpensive

What needs to be improved?

  • Other colors would be cool

Final thoughts

Is the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife the best EDC knife I’ve ever tried? Ummmmm, no. Not even close. But it is tiny and might be useful as an emergency knife when you need to cut something and don’t have a larger, easier-to-handle knife. Is it worth $8.99? In my opinion, I think a better price would be $5.00 for this knife.

Price: $8.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Tops Home Store. Tops. Home Store did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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