Eureka New400 cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner review

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REVIEW – I love a clean floor, but I hate cleaning floors, so when something comes along that says it makes cleaning floors nearly “effortless,”  I’m all in.  Such is the claim of the Eureka New400 floor cleaner.  It promises that you can both vacuum and mop at the same time, which could be a real time saver!  I gave it a workout on laminate, linoleum, and tile.

What is it

The Eureka New40 is a cordless self-propelled, self-cleaning mop and vacuum combo.


What’s in the box?

  • Eureka New40 vacuum/mop
  • Handle
  • Storage Tray
  • Accessory holder
  • Power supply
  • Directions and quickstart guide
  • A bottle of cleaning fluid
  • A spare filter sponge



  • Run time:  30 minutes
  • Weight: 8.76lbs
  • Noise level:  80db
  • Clean water tank capacity 600ml
  • Dirty water tank capacity 400ml
  • Warranty 2-year limited vacuum cleaner and 12-month limited battery




Setup and features

Setup of the Eureka New400 cordless wet/dry vacuum was pretty easy.  The handle snaps on, and there’s some packaging to remove.  I read through the quick start instructions and found a typo that I suppose could throw some people off.  It says that you should fill the clean water tank and put “one or two cupfuls” of the cleaning solution in the tank.   The bottle of cleaning solution really wasn’t that big, so I was kind of confused by that until I read the instructions on the cleaning solution bottle that said “capfuls” instead of “cupfuls,” and that made much more sense.

The Eureka New40 cordless wet/dry mopping vacuum has some really interesting features that make it great if you have sealed hard floors.  First of all, the Eureka New400 cordless wet/dry vacuum is self-propelled, which makes it so easy to use, and if you want to pause, you just put it in the upright position, and it stops.  It has a clean and dirty water tank and recovers up to 90% of the water used, so your floors dry really fast.  The battery life is generous at 30 minutes (in low gear/20 minutes in high), but probably the best feature of the whole device is that the mop is self-cleaning.  There is a cycle that cleans the mop, so you don’t have to be grossed out by a dirty roller.

This part of the bathroom is under some louvered windows that really let dust in when we aren't there. You can see how this mop took care of that dirt with one pass.

I started mopping on the linoleum in the bathroom.  I think if I regularly used the Eureka New400 cordless wet/dry vacuum for that job, it would work great, but there were a few spots that needed more scrubbing than this could provide.  It was infinitely better than using Swiffer Wet, which is what I usually use.  For reference, this bathroom was at the beach, so there is sand practically everywhere, and I would have to change wipes frequently with Swiffer Wet, whereas this just motored along, sucking up the grains of sand.


Next, I took the Eureka New400 cordless wet/dry vacuum to the laminate flooring.  Now, I’m kind of paranoid about getting laminate too wet, and although this mopping vacuum recovers 90% of the water it uses, I would want to follow with a dry mop or towel.  The beach is pretty moist, and to me, it just took too long to dry for me to feel good about it.  It did a great job,  but occasionally when I would leave the vacuum in one spot, it would leave more moisture as well, like a little puddle.  You may feel differently about it.

In the kitchen, there is tile and it never looks clean — it shows every speck!  The Eureka New400 cordless wet/dry vacuum really worked great in here.  It made a marked improvement.  I should note that the tile in this room has a bit of a texture, so it’s not a uniform height, but Eureka did a great job tackling this area.


When I went to clean and dry the components, first I did the roller “self clean” which was easy enough (you just push a button), although I thought it would be the dirtiest thing I’d have to deal with, and clearly it wasn’t.  The dirty water reservoir pops out, and when I took it apart, I could see a lot of debris that was much worse.  I disposed of the water, grit, and dog hair.   I rinsed out the reservoir and used the tray the Eureka sits on when it’s not cleaning to drain the parts as outlined in the instructions. There is a little accessory rack that holds the roller to dry along with a brush, and that was useful. I put the Eureka in the tub for the time being while the components dried in case there was residual moisture on it.  I did wish that I had a place to put the Eureka New400 co while those parts were drying out, though, because it would be nice to be able to plug it in and charge while things dried.




What I like

  • Does a nice job on a variety of surfaces
  • Didn’t use a million wipes like I do with the Swiffer Wet

What I’d change

  • Maybe have a different arrangement for drying parts

Final thoughts


It seems like the floors are never completely clean, especially at the beach with constant grit underfoot.  The Eureka New400 cordless wet/dry vacuum will be a valuable tool in my battle against sandy floors.

Price: $199.00
Where to buy:  Eureka or Amazon
Source:  The sample for this review was provided by Eureka.

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