ProtoArc 2 in 1 Hub Mouse review – more than meets the eye

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REVIEW – If you’ve purchased a new laptop recently, there’s a good chance the only interface options you have are USB-C.  The format is great, but what if you need to plug in an HDMI cable or USB-A plug?  Adapters are the answer, and ProtoArc has come up with a creative solution in their 2 in 1 Hub mouse.  The USB-C hub is concealed in the mouse body when you don’t need it, which means you’ll always have it in hand for when you do.

What is it?

The ProtoArc 2 in 1 Hub mouse is an ambidextrous, wireless mouse with an integrated, detachable USB-C hub.  The hub includes connections for HDMI, USB-C PD, and USB-A, and tucks away neatly into the mouse body when not in use.

ProtoArc has been doing accessories for over two decades, and their current lineup focuses on ergonomic and travel solutions.

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What’s in the box?

  • ProtoArc 2 in 1 Hub mouse
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • User manual
  • Silicon gel insert

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Hardware specs

Height 1.22″
Width 2.40″
Depth 4.29″
Weight 2.79 oz
DPI 1000/1600/2400
Sensor Optical
Connection 2.4GHz, Bluetooth LE
Battery Li-Po 300 mAh, up to 60 days
Hub: HDMI Up to 4K
Hub: USB-C PD Type-C, 60W
Hub: USB-A USB 3.0

Design and features

The Protoarc 2 in 1 Hub mouse gives off a travel friendly business vibe, with a slim profile and spartan three-button design.  On the top there is a dedicated DPI selection button, allowing you to cycle from 1000, 1600 and 2400 at the push of a button.  A metallic accent strip adorns the middle which carries the ProtoArc branding, capped off by a textured rear shell.  All in all the mouse has a design suitable to its purpose, and a quality feel.  This is definitely a smaller mouse – while it’s length and width are close to standard, I’m definitely missing the height.

On the bottom, you’ll find the power switch, with the connection profile toggle.  Helpfully, the USB-C charging port is in the front so you can use the mouse while it’s charging.

The hub is similarly utilitarian, though is made of metal.  It’s easy to get in and out of the mouse thanks to the design on the mouse side, which allows it to fit in either a left or right facing orientation of the USB-C plug.  While loaded in the mouse it feels secure, and I wouldn’t be worried about it falling out.  It has a snug fit and doesn’t rattle around while stored.

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Setting up the ProtoArc 2 in 1 is about as straight forward as it gets.  The hub acts as the 2.4GHz receiver and is pre-paired to the mouse.  When using the hub, setting the connection profile to ‘one’ after powering on the mouse is all it takes to get going.  ProtoArc does not offer a companion software for the 2 in 1 Hub mouse, so any customization would need to be handled by the OS.

The Hub mouse allows up to two stored Bluetooth profiles which can be toggled on modes two and three.  Pressing and holding the connection button while on the profile you want to connect with is all it takes to enter pairing mode.


Using the ProtoArc 2 in 1 Hub mouse is a generally pleasant experience.  The ambidextrous design is comfortable, and the lightweight design doesn’t induce fatigue on a full day of work.  ProtoArc doesn’t advertise it, but these feel like they have the same soft click switches on the left, and right mouse buttons as I enjoyed in the ProtoArc EM01 and EM03 trackball mice.

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The hub is what makes the ProtoArc 2 in 1 Hub mouse, well, the hub mouse!  Its design and implementation are, generally fit to purpose.  Typical caveats of using a hub that attaches directly to the host device remain true here.  Depending on the layout of the USB-C ports of your device, the hub may actually cover up neighboring ports.  The pass through USB-C PD helps alleviate this constraint some, but is worth a call out here depending on your needs. With the hub itself being designed to fit in the mouse, it’s small – but still manages to offer enough room between ports to allow for HDMI, USB-C and USB-A cables to be plugged in simultaneously.

Using the hub is all plug and play – my Windows, Mac, Samsung Android and Apple iPad devices all recognized the hub immediately and had no issues with display output or accepting a charge.  No drivers or setup is needed which gives confidence that this will handle whatever I need to throw at it – whether at home or on the road.

There is a quirk to the hub on the ProtoArc 2 in 1 hub mouse, and it all revolves around a strip of silicone.  It fits around the USB-C plug and provides some cushion between the hub and your device.  Without this installed, some gap does exist between the device and the hub.  This gap was present in every device I tested against.  Not a big deal right?  Well – the hub doesn’t fit back in the mouse with the silicone strip installed.  Once I realized this I knew I was going to lose this thing – and sure enough, after a week, I couldn’t locate it.  The hub works fine without it, but the play in the device fit does cause some concern with durability.

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What I like

  • Well designed for travel while still being comfortable to use
  • Hub works seamlessly and is well designed
  • Quiet mouse clicks for multi tasking during meetings

What I’d change

  • Silicone bumper is not well implemented for its purpose, something adjustable and built into the hub itself would be better here
  • Hub cannot currently be purchased separately which implies the entire mouse needs to be replaced if lost
  • Ability to set DPI options

Final thoughts

ProtoArc has a generally thoughtful design that is executed almost perfectly on their 2 in 1 hub mouse.  Having the mouse store the USB-C hub means you always have access to some much needed ports, and the simplicity of use makes it easy to move between devices.  The silicone bumper was a disappointment in the design and implementation, but this is an otherwise excellent option if you’re looking for a travel mouse.

Price: $79.99
Where to buy: ProtoArc
Source: The sample of this product was provided by ProtoArc

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