PlayStation announces Portal: The new handheld gateway to your PS5 games

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NEWS – PlayStation recently announced its new remote-play device, the PlayStation Portal. Here are the details so far. First off, the Portal will set you back $199.99. Secondly, you must own a PS5 to use the Portal because it’s remote play only. As far as the device itself, the Portal has adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, like PlayStation’s DualSense controllers. It also features an 8-inch capable of 1080p resolution at 60fps.

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The Portal connects remotely to your PS5 over WiFi. That means you can turn it on, press a button to connect to your PS5 console and get right to playing. Another plus is that someone else can use the TV your PS5 is connected to while you use the Portal. PlayStation didn’t say precisely when the Portal would be available, only that it will launch later this year. It seems like a neat little device from some very early feedback, but time will tell.

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  2. Euhhh PlayStation you okay bro im afraid you had an little stroke there bud thats even worse than hoogle stadia or hell there unoficial ways better than that that atleast let you sit in another house i mean i will stick to my switch and pc if i want but n
    Don’t need i will opt for geforce experience no need for an 200€ 15cm second screen for an ps5

  3. It’s said that the device will be portable so I don’t believe you necessarily have to use remote play to be able to access it. Sony wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make this handheld device and not include that.

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