Ca’Lefrot 15 inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator review

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Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 17

REVIEW – When I planned my DIY work for my new home, my own warm and inviting media entertainment area with a full-size bar was near the top of my list. Once I built the bar, I purchased a beverage fridge to occupy the space I designed for that purpose, but its performance left much to be desired. I decided that I would spend a bit more and buy a new one that was up to the task when along came this Ca’Lefrot 15 inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator that is the right size and from initial impressions, up to the task.

What is it?

The Ca’Lefrot 15 inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator can be installed as a built-in or left freestanding. It features a tempered glass door, adjustable shelves, a smart touch panel, and internal 3-LED lights.

What’s in the box?

Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 3
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 4

  • 1 x Ca’Lefrot 15 inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator
  • 1 x Door Conversion Hardware
  • 1 x Manual

Hardware specs

Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 14

Design and features

  • The spacious interior holds up to 100 12-oz cans and the adjustable shelves allow you to store large bottles
  • Front-venting design for a built-in or freestanding model
  • Stainless steel frame and 3-color LED lights for a modern look
  • A long-life, quiet-running compressor is paired with a state-of-the-art fan to evenly distribute cool air and maintain a steady temperature(down to 34°F), ensuring that your drinks are always ready to enjoy.
  • 4 durable shelves are adjustable to accommodate different bottles and cans.
  • Digital touch screen with LED temperature display is easy to use.
  • The auto-defrost feature on this beverage fridge keeps drinks from freezing over.

Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 16
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 15
The Ca’Lefrot 15-inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator is well-built with a tempered glass door surrounded by a stainless steel frame and door handle. There is an internal fan for cooling and the compressor is on the bottom half of the rear of the fridge. The shelves are adjustable and removable and the smart touch panel on the top inside panel allows you to power on and off and set the temperature, and the lighting choice. There are adjustable feet on the bottom that allow for stable placement.  The hardware is provided that allows you to mount the door to open from the left or the right. Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 9
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 10
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 11
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 12
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 13


The Ca’Lefrot 15-inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator comes assembled with the exception of the handle. In order to install the handle, the rubber seal on the inside of the door has to be removed and replaced once the handle is attached via 2 screws.
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 8
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 5
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 6
Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 1


As per the instructions, the Ca’Lefrot 15-inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator should be left standing upright for 24 to 36 hours before it is plugged in. This usually has to do with the refrigerant and its need to settle. Once plugged in, there is a touch panel on the top inside border that allows you to select the lighting out of the 3-LED options, or no light, and also to set the desired temperature.

Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 7

Ca Lafrot Beverage Fridge 2
Overall, this is a really nice, well-functioning beverage refrigerator that is also a nice accent piece for any room.

Here is another look:

What I like

  • It is well-built and attractive
  • The nice lighting and choices of color
  • It performs well. Keeps beverages nice and cold
  • Great capacity
  • It has legs that slide easily on my tile floors
  • Its temperature can get as low as  34 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The adjustable feet at the bottom for leveling
  • The auto-defrost feature

What I’d change

  • I do not like that the door rubber seal has to be removed by the consumer to install the handle

Final thoughts

The Ca’Lefrot 15-inch 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator is a well-built beverage refrigerator that keeps a large number of various sizes of bottles and cans cold. It is attractive, and I like the choices of the internal lights although I am partial to the soothing blue light. The adjustable shelves work great to accommodate the different container sizes, and overall it is a great addition to my bar. Well done, and two thumbs up!!

Price: $589.99
Where to buy: Ca’Lefrot website (Use code TG15 to save sitewide 15% off)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Ca’Lefrot

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