Olafus 80W Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Light review

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Olafus Led Security Light 4

REVIEW – Living in the suburbs of NY is a nice life, but it is not one to take for granted. Many folks believe that the further into the suburbs they move, the less crime exists. I believe that crime occurs everywhere, and unless specifically targeted, setting up cameras and security lights creates a visible deterrent. I have installed several cameras, but I am missing a security light on my garage so that the driveway is properly lit and provides additional safety at night. Enter the Olafus 80W Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Light.

What is it?

The Olafus 80W Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Light produces 7300-lumen excellent brightness with lower energy consumption, and can replace a 600W halogen lamp. It is IP65 Waterproof and can withstand harsh exterior weather like rain, snow, and sleet. It features adjustable angles of 355° up and down and 90° from side to side.

What’s in the box?

Olafus Led Security Light 3

  • 1 x LED Motion Sensor Floodlight
  • 1 x Light Mounting Plates
  • 3 x Wiring Nuts
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Pack of Screw Accessories

Hardware specs

Olafus Led Security Light 1

Design and features

Olafus Led Security Light 2
Olafus Led Security Light 16
Olafus Led Security Light 15

  • 80W 7300LM Ultra Bright: Up to 900 square feet of light coverage! With 360° beam angle adjustable, Olafus motion flood light leaves your house with no dark gaps in the broader coverage.
  • Up to 82FT Sensing Range: At 180° sensing angle, this triggered floodlight can detect movement to 984 inches maximum, remaining on for up to 600s after activation. Keep your home secure 24/7 and convenient.
  • Durable for Wide Use: Designed with tough aluminum housing and IP65 waterproof, this black LED motion sensor light can withstand harsh exterior weather like rain, snow, and sleet. Durable enough to light your backyard, garden, house, doorway, entryway, front door, driveway, garage, or farm.
  • 600W Equivalent Energy Saving: Olafus 80w led motion sensor light can replace 600W halogen motion light, outputting 7300-lumen brightness in lower electricity wastage. Save up to 85% on the electricity bill.
  • Max 360° Beam Angle:  355° for up and down, 90° for side to side, total reach 360° no dark gaps. Especially when installed under the eaves or at some corners, you can rotate the motion detector light head to adjust or even extend the lit area. (ps: 270° is the suitable angle for most scenes.)
  • Easy to install: With just 3 steps (refer to our installation video), you can use a motion soffit-mounted light to light up your backyard.

The Olafus 80W Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Light is designed like most LED security lights, with the LEDs on the front that includes a main light in the center and 2 adjustable lights, one on each side. The main center light can be adjusted up/down while the side lights can be adjusted side to side and rotated in any direction. The body of the light is plastic/ABS. In the center of the light below the main light is the adjustable sensor, with the light and sensitivity buttons on the bottom of the sensor. The connection wires are on the base of the light.
Olafus Led Security Light 14
Olafus Led Security Light 12
Olafus Led Security Light 13
Olafus Led Security Light 17
Olafus Led Security Light 5


Manufacturer’s Tips:

1. Recommended Install Height: Approximate 7.8 to 11.8ft.

2. Suggested Motion Sensor Head Angle: 45 degrees.

3. Can be used with a 1/2 Inch junction box.

PS: 90 degrees will make this motion sensor flood light too sensitive. Please adjust the motion sensor head to a suitable angle.

I decided to install this Olafus 80W Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Light on the front of my garage over the garage door. The garage is off-center relative to the driveway, so the light had to be installed a bit off-center as well.
Olafus Led Security Light 10
I chose the location and then drilled a 1-inch hole from the outside of the garage through to the inside.Olafus Led Security Light 9
I used an outdoor lightbox and connected the mounting plate that came with the light. The mounting plate has a screw hole in the center to attach the light with a long screw. I also used the included gasket to help with sealing the connection and then screwed the entire assembly to the garage making sure to center the hole in the lightbox with the hole that I drilled into the face of the garage.
Olafus Led Security Light 6
Olafus Led Security Light 7
Olafus Led Security Light 8
Olafus Led Security Light 11
I then threaded the wires on the back of the light through the hole and mounted the light. On the inside, I connected the wires to 12/2 Romex using wire nuts and ran the wire back to an existing electrical box. The circuit in the garage is a 20 amp circuit, so by default, I use 12/2 Romex.
Olafus Led Security Light 5
Olafus Led Security Light 4 1


Testing the light:

What I like

  • Good build quality
  • very bright
  • Good sensitivity
  • Easy adjustment
  • Easy to install
  • It easily picks up movement 50ft + away

What I’d change

  • Make the built-in wires longer since installation requirements vary. I would rather have to cut long wires than struggle with shorter wires

Final thoughts

This Olafus 80W Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Light is very adjustable and easy to install. So far it works well and is really bright. I have no complaints. Well done.

Price: $43.99
Where to buy: Amazon, Olafus Life website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Olafus

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