Don’t get hosed by low quality hose

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Zero G 2

NEWS – My Zero-G garden hose from 2018 is still performing perfectly. I bought it myself, leave it outdoors, and it works like a champ. If this sounds like a commercial, sorry, but this mundane, ‘everybody needs one’ product has been a good one for me, so this is an uncompensated endorsement. This hose has lasted well and its product claims have been true for me. 

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Teknor-Apex claims, the “Zero-G® hose is up to 50% lighter in weight than standard garden hoses which provides for easy coiling, maneuverability and compact storage. The hose is equipped with an abrasion and puncture-resistant outer cover for long-lasting performance.

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This garden hose features improved ergonomic grips for easier attachment to spigot and accessories. The commercial-grade crush-resistant couplings with female brass threads helps prevent corrosion. Works with all of your hose attachments so all of your watering can be done with one lightweight hose.”

I bought a 100’ section, and a 50’ section. With most hoses you link together, you expect leakage out there where the two sections join. My two sections don’t leak where they join. I get a little drip at the foundation hose bibb but the bibb is 30 years old. 

The Zero-G is easy to pull out for yard use or car washing, and with the water off and drained mostly out of the hose, it’s easy to coil it behind our bushes when it’s time to put it away.

As a young homeowner, I was buying new hose every two seasons. The yellow ones would get moldy and brown, the skinny green ones would split or bulge under pressure. My 5-year-old Zero-G hose is ready for yet another spring. The 100’ Zero-G hose is sold at Amazon for $69.98, and at the big hardware retailers.

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    1. If the hose bib drip comes from the hose connection and not the valve stem, then a new washer in the hose and some plumber’s tape around the threads on the hose bib should fix it. I usually take a wire brush and clean the threads first.

  2. Totally agree with you Lex! I bought this brand of hose a couple years ago when i saw it at the local Ace hardware store.

    I have since ditched the old and very very heavy rubber/vinyl hoses i was using before.

    These hoses are super lightweight and so far indestructible. And not a single leak.


  3. The green “commercial” 3/4in hose is even better! I own a small farm and I use these and flexzilla hoses pretty much every single day! The secret to flexzilla hoses is time out in the sun. They can be kind of a pain when they’re new, but once that rubber softens up, they are just about as good as the zero g hoses. I still give the slight edge to zero g but as a man whose livelihood relies heavily on good hoses, I can strongly recommend the zero G or Flexzilla brand hoses!

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