ClipGlow Night Light review

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REVIEW:  The ClipGlow Night Light is a bright, lightweight magnetic personal utility light that offers hands-free illumination of whatever is before you. The rechargeable version is reviewed here and is ‘coming soon’ on the website link at the end of this article. 

What is it

The ClipGlow Night Light is a rechargeable LED utility light that can clip onto thin clothing like work scrubs, a t-shirt or a shirt pocket.

What’s in the box

  • ClipGlow Night Light
  • Charging cable (USB-A to Micro USB)

Hardware specs

  • Silicone rubber exterior
  • White LED
  • Blue (or pink, or green) LED
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Size Fully open: 6.5” Length, 
  • Size Closed for normal use: 3.25” length, .75” height

Design and features

The ClipGlow Night Light has a silicone rubber cover over the plastic module that contains the battery and LEDs. The magnet clip is strong enough to hold the light onto thin fabrics. I tried the ClipGlow on t-shirt collars and in a shirt pocket. The magnet was strong enough to hold the light in the position I placed it throughout the activity I carried out. I would not trust the light to stay secure if clipped “upside down” on the tail of a t-shirt for example. It seems designed to clip downwards in collars, pockets and the waistband of pants.

The ClipGlow magnet clip holds nicely in the waistband of lightweight running and workout shorts, and the device would likely hold in position in the waistband of jeans, sweatpants, slacks, etc. from gravity and pressure.

I clipped the light in the neck of a pullover fleece sweater and the magnet didn’t keep the light secure. Gravity held it in place during a nighttime dog-walk but it moved around a bit since the magnet wasn’t gripping due to the fabric thickness.

With the light clipped up high on my collar or even clipped onto a lanyard cord and hanging mid-chest level, the light distracted my view of the street as I walked. The lower I could clip the light, e.g. in the waistband or jeans pocket, the less distracting it was to my forward vision. Some might decide the ClipGlow is optimal for momentary use like in a vehicle, utility room, workroom, etc. vs. for running or walking. The light would be a great ‘tail light’ for running and walking and one could use a lightweight flashlight to see ahead.

My Mom-in law was a hospital nurse and used a Maglight (two AA size) many times a night on night duty. She wrapped the end with bandage tape and held the light in her teeth. She would have appreciated the ClipGlow Night Light, as would her dentist!  

I can see EMS personnel finding the ClipGlow handy if clipped to a uniform pocket. Police may not favor the white silicone so maybe the company should consider a black version? White just doesn’t have that ‘tactical’ look and might clash with dark uniforms.

Installation and Setup

I charged the ClipGlow light using the Micro-USB cable. The white LED flashes during charging. When the light has a full charge the LED stops flashing. 

I hacked the ClipGlow just a bit by attaching the light to a keyring to attach the ClipGLow to my key set.  There are two holes in the strap between the light module and the magnet. I found it to be a bit large on my key set and the light isn’t really designed to use to locate a keyhole when attached to your keys. It would work great clipped to your shirt or pocket if you needed to locate a keyhole, or find your keys in the dark, or take a walk in the dark to your yard shed.

What I like

  • Bright, wide light ‘throw’
  • Distinctive flashing LED
  • Lightweight device
  • Recharge-ability

What I’d change

  • Tactical black would be a nice option.

This is the first button push that yields bright white light.

The second button push is for medium brightness white light.

The third button push gives the blue LED, or red, pink or green depending on your model.  The fourth button push yields flashing color LED.

Final thoughts

If you could use a clip-on light for report writing in the dark, or hands-free illumination at your work or at home, the rechargeable ClipGlow light is a unique solution at a low price. Watch the LightsFlo website for the availability of the rechargeable unit.

Price: $19.99
Where to buy: LightsFlo and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by LightsFlo.

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