ThruNite TH30 V2 LED Headlamp review – Two lights in one!

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REVIEW:  The ThruNite TH30 V2 LED headlamp is durable and versatile. It gave me more than enough light to mow safely in the dark. (Sometimes you just gotta.) It also has a ‘firefly’ mode that is .3, that’s ‘point 3’, lumens. That’s adequate light to rummage around a room with someone asleep in it and not wake them! For some reason, my wife is very LED light sensitive when I point a light in her eyes and she gives the TH30 V2 a thumbs up. When it’s in firefly mode.


What is it

The ThruNite TH30 V2 is a rechargeable LED headlamp with multiple brightness settings. The light can easily be removed from the head strap and used as a hand-held flashlight.  


What’s in the box

  • TH30 V2 flashlight
  • 18630 Li-Ion battery
  • Head strap
  • Two spare O rings
  • One spare charging port rubber seal/plug
  • USB A to USB C charging cable
  • Pocket clip


Hardware specs

  • Modes: Firefly / Low / Medium-low / Medium / High / Turbo / SOS
  • Lumens: .3, 30, 131, 345, 1256, 3320. SOS: 665
  • Measurements: Length 4.21”, Lens head width 1.12”, Barrel diameter 0.94”, Lens width 11/16” 
  • Weight with battery and headband: 5.9 oz.  
  • Weight, flashlight only, with battery: 4.2 oz.
  • Impact resistant: 1.5 meter drop tested
  • Elemental resistance: IPX8 rated
  • Battery: Size 18650, 3.6 V, 3100 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum alloy


Design and features

  • The LED light quality is ‘paper white’.  Termed ‘cool white’ by ThruNite. There is no perceived yellow tint to the light beam.
  • Comfortable, adjustable, elastic fabric head strap.
  • Light lens is at 90 degrees to the light body. Works as a ‘standing’ flashlight when placed on its tail cap. (Tailcap is not magnetized.)
  • Well sealed charging port at the head-end of the light.
  • Power switch requires only easy finger pressure which is helpful in a headlamp. Pushing with one finger works to turn the light on and cycle through the modes but gripping the light head slightly during button pushing ensures it stays in position on the forehead.
  • A LED indicator for low power and recharging is in the rubber push button cover.
  • Light returns to the last mode used except for firefly, turbo and SOS.
  • Warranty terms: “2 years free replacement if problems develop with normal use.” Lifetime limited maintenance. (Only labor covered. Parts and shipping would be paid by the customer.)

Installation and Setup

I first adjusted the head strap to fit my head properly and oriented the light angle. You may only need to adjust the head strap once. I then removed the sticker protecting the battery from contact during shipping, replaced the tailcap and charged the light via the USB C port at the top of the light. The light need not be removed from the head strap during charging.

Testing and observations


The strap held its ‘fit’ settings throughout my testing. I never had to re-adjust the strap.

The light is well designed for headlamp use. It does not feel heavy on the head, it rested comfortably on my forehead and didn’t move around much during use. It was about to be ‘a dark and stormy night’ so I had to mow after dark. The TH30 V2 made easy work of an otherwise impossible and somewhat dangerous task.  


I’ve never wanted a headlamp that couldn’t double as a hand-held. The TH30 V2 does this multi-tasking. The light is held like a can of mace with either the thumb or index finger for the power button.


If the pocket clip is attached it must be removed to fit the flashlight into the two flexible rubber circular holders on the head strap. The two round rubber light holders are spaced to perfectly fit identical indentations in the flashlight body. This forethought in the design ensures the light will not slip around in its head strap mount during use.

The pocket clip would likely mar the flashlight’s surface if it is removed and reattached often, and its grip on the flashlight would probably loosen.






In flashlight reviews I always make my yard shed the focus (sorry) of my light mode demonstrations. The pictures above are in order of lowest light mode to brightest. Note, firefly mode is too dim to photograph. As usual, check the brightness of the grass because the light on the shed can be hard to differentiate from pic to pic. In real life, the light modes are well discernable from each other.

Power ON/OFF
Press the power switch once to turn the light on/off.

Change Modes
When the light is on, press and hold the switch to cycle through the low, medium-low, medium, and high modes.

Firefly: When the light is off, long-press the switch to get firefly mode.

Turbo: Double click the switch to go to turbo from any mode.

SOS: Triple-click to activate SOS.

Memory Function
The light will turn on in the last mode accessed, except for firefly, turbo, and SOS.


Recharging Indicators
During charging, the indicator LED in the power button is red. After a full charge, the indicator will be blue. When the LED flashes purple, it means abnormal charging, which may indicate a loose tailcap. Only low mode is available while charging.

Low Power Indication
When the battery power capacity is less than 10%, the main LED of the headlamp will blink three times, and the indicator on the switch will flash red. 

What I like

  • Great battery capacity.
  • The battery is a type that is easy to find online.
  • Comfortable fit as a headlamp.
  • Nice range of brightness settings.  
  • Easy to push switch.

What I’d change

  • I have no complaints!


Final thoughts

The ThruNite TH30 V2 is a durable, reliable headlamp that easily detaches for hand-held flashlight use. This ThruNite light is easy to recommend if you need a tough, bright, rechargeable multi-tasker. 

Price: $69.95
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ThruNite.

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