Cool custom-made Darth Vader™ Meditation Chamber Desk Set from Regal Robot

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darth vader meditation chamber desk 01

NEWS – I recently stumbled upon this really cool custom-made Darth Vader™ Meditation Chamber Desk Set on CoolThings. This desk was created by Regal Robot for one of their customers who was originally looking for a custom Emperor Throne Chair. While working with Lucasfilm and playing around with ideas, they finally came up with a 3-sided desk that came with a faux-leather adjustable-height stool, and a built-in adjustable desk lamp that looks like the arm that places the helmet on Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. They even included the helmet in the design of the lamp (how cool is that?!?). I have no idea what a custom creation like this would cost, but I imagine it’s a pretty penny. If you have money to spare and would like a custom one-of-a-kind piece of furniture like this, check out Regal Robot and click on their “Submit a Custom Request” link.

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