Refresh Mask N95 Personal Air Purification System review

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REVIEW – Let me start by saying that I am a survivor of Covid-19 and I am completely sold on the need to wear a mask and the importance of wearing a mask. Since the start of the pandemic, I have tried at least a dozen different types/designs of masks in my search to find one that I can wear for what would be considered long periods of time and with enough comfort. In addition, the mask that I wear has to allow me to breathe easily and not cause me to sweat. I have been using several conventional masks made of different types of cloth-like materials that stay dry and make breathing easy. So far, I have only been partially successful in finding my right fit. This Refresh Mask N95 Personal Air Purification System seems like someone heard my pleas and answered my call for help. Let’s see!

What is it?

The Refresh Mask N95 Personal Air Purification System features a built-in air-circulation system that brings in fresh air while removing CO2, heat, and moisture keeping you cool.

What’s in the box

1 x N95 Personal Air Purification System
1 x White Cloth Cover Mask
1 x Box of filters
2 x Included filters
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Design and features


  • The N95 grade filters are replaceable and disposable allowing for re-use of the mask. (30 filters included)
  • Rechargeable via micro USB for up to 8 hours of runtime.
  • Also included is a white cloth cover mask that is machine washable.
  • SGS Antivirus Tested (Standard: ISO 18184:2019)

On the front of the air purification system, there is a fan and a vented filter space. On the lower edge, there is the micro USB charging port and the power button that turns the fan on and off and cycles through the 3 fan speeds.

Below are views of the inside and outside of the system with the filter installed.


The first thing that I did was to charge the device via the micro USB cable. The LED lights red when charging and green when charged.
The power button functions as on/off and also cycles through 3 available fan speeds.

The photos below show how the system is worn with the cloth mask over it.

I expected this system to work well for me since I usually have issues with breathing when wearing conventional masks. While I do believe that it would work well for many, surprisingly it did not for me. My first issue was that the front inside of the system is not deep enough and keeps touching my nose. This causes me to keep adjusting it to fit. And for the record, my nose is not what is considered long or big. Secondly, for some reason, no matter what speed I set the fan too, I start hyperventilating shortly after putting it on. Again, it is very possible that both of these issues are specific to me and that this system may work well for many.

The manufacturer warranty is 1-year. Due to the nature of this product, it is non-returnable once opened.

What I like

  • Build quality
  • The concept
  • The air circulation
  • The built-in rechargeable battery

What I’d change

  • The design so that it is a bit deeper and therefore not press against my nose

Final thoughts

The concept of this system is to provide a filtered and safe breathing capability. This is probably quite effective for many but not for me. Also, after wearing conventional cloth-like masks, this system feels quite bulky to wear, and IMHO it may also be better suited for cooler weather since I did start to sweat after wearing it in the warmth for a few minutes.

Price: $149.00
Where to buy:
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Refresh Mask.

6 thoughts on “Refresh Mask N95 Personal Air Purification System review”

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  2. This review is quite disappointing. Did the fan make any discernible noise? (If yes, what kind, how far away was it noticeable, high/low pitched?) Can other masks be worn with the device? Why did you hyperventilate? (Something related to this specific mask or being outside.) Was it made well (quality of materials, the fan, the mask & its elastic)? What’s the company’s return policy? Did you bother to discuss with the manufacturer, well, anything?

  3. Hi Rowan,
    Thank you for your comments on the review.
    Q: Did the fan make any discernible noise?
    A: I included a video showing me going through the speeds. You are able to hear the sound as the speed is increased. The sound is not discernable when wearing the mask.
    Q: Can other masks be worn with the device?
    A: I guess this would depend on if the other mask is large enough and can stretch to conform to the shape. My other masks are cloth and designed to fit directly over my face so I do not have anything else to test that.
    Q: Why did you hyperventilate?
    A: As I mentioned, I thought it would work for me but for some reason, it causes me to hyperventilate. Not sure if it is some personal psychological reaction to the way it completely seals and covers my nose and mouth.
    Q: Was it made well (quality of materials, the fan, the mask & its elastic)?
    A: In my “What I like” section, I indicated that I like the build quality. This includes the build quality of everything included or it would be otherwise noted
    Q: What’s the company’s return policy?
    A: The company has a 1 year return policy as long as the packaging is sealed. Given the personal use of this item, it is non-returnable once opened
    Q: Did you discuss with the manufacturer, well, anything?
    A: Normally, I test items as they are presented at retail and give feedback to the customer regarding what they would experience if they purchase the item. Keep in mind that for an item like this, someone else may have a much better experince.
    I do hope that my responses help.

    1. Does it filter the exhaust air?

      Because if not, you are wearing a literal COVID-spreading machine and should probably be put in jail for it.

  4. Thanks for review Julian. I would have gone direct to company but they are hidden on web behind Shopify. This mask appears to have unfiltered or minimal cotton cover filter for exhaust.I hope my concerns are unfounded but I have tested and modified 5 similar devices and all have the the same fatal{not hyperbole] flaw. That flaw seems to be the basis of why only America has failed to control c19. all masks with unfiltered{ or loose optional cotton cover] exhaust are concentrating and aiming wearer viral load at who ever they face. Powered masks with increased volume/pressure amplify this problem by factor of 10’s. There are solutions with simple filter on exhaust or more complex negative /positive pressure demand valve. If this does not have n95 filter on exhaust the wearer is protecting himself while being willing to become a serial killer of those closest and enabling whole chain of serial killers that can infect 1000 and kill 50 in 10 disease cycles. unfortunately this reflects a significant uniquely American attitude towards C19 prevention. If my observation is correct please stop promoting c19 spreading device.

    1. Nah you’ve got it all wrong:

      If you want something to not be true, it’s not true.

      Just ask your President, who is fine.

      He didn’t need no stinkin mask, and neither do you.

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