Chiseled Design Distinct Ultra-Thin 30 Plus Tools-In-1 review

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Distinct Tool 2

CROWDFUNDED REVIEW – As a photographer/videographer, I am always adding or swapping out accessories on my cameras, or rigging up some type of prop for a better shot. Since I already carry a lot of gear, it is not practical for me to walk around with a toolkit. Having access to a multitool device that I can keep in my pocket and that features a set of practical tools is always helpful and sometimes a lifesaver. Let’s take a look at the Distinct Ultra-Thin 30 Plus Tools-In-1 by Chiseled Design.

What is it?

The Distinct 30+ tools by Chiseled Design is an ultra-thin all in one EDC tool that features a 5 spoke wrench, including SW-5 for use on Tricon wheels, a box cutter, bottle opener, wing-nut tool, 3 size wire benders, paint can opener, 6 metric wrench 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, a wire stripper, blade-guard/ strap, a file tool, screw bit holder with extra hex socket for use in tight spaces, 10 screw bits: H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6, SL5, PH1, T10, T25 that are securely inserted into their dedicated housing, and are swappable and compatible with standard size ¼” socket.

What’s in the box

Distinct Tool 3
1 x Chiseled Design Distinct Ultra-Thin 30 Plus Tools-In-1
1 x Silicone Strap and Blade Guard

Design and features

The Distinct tool is very thin and for its size, it does have enough weight to make it feel like a solid build.
Distinct Tool 10
All of the screw bits are self-contained, and the main shaft/handle that secures them and is kept in place by a thumbscrew.
Distinct Tool 5
The diagram below shows the details of all of the included tool functions.
Distinct Tool 1


This tool comes in a small nicely designed box.
Distinct Tool 11
Once I removed the tool from the box, I could immediately see that the quality and feel were impressive. Even the fit and finish are superb. I took some time to test the bottle opener, the wire stripper, and the file, and they all worked well. What I really wanted to see next was how the shaft felt and functioned with the screw bits. This is where my only complaint is. There is a thumbscrew that secures the shaft/handle to the rest of the tool and I immediately felt like in the busyness of my jobs, I would lose the thumbscrew. The following video shows the effort required to remove the screw. You will also see at the end of the video that I dropped the screw, and I promise that I did not purposely do so. I really did accidentally drop the screw.

Once the thumbscrew was out, I was able to remove the shaft/handle from the rest of the tool. Once the shaft is removed, the bits slide out. After some testing, I was able to determine that the body of the actual tool where the bits slide in is magnetic, and the bits themselves are not. The insert in the shaft where the bits are inserted is also magnetic. As far as I can tell, nowhere else on the tool is magnetic.
Distinct Tool 4
Distinct Tool 7
The following photos show the shaft with various bits inserted.
Distinct Tool 6
Distinct Tool 8
Distinct Tool 9

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The built-in functional tools
  • The compact size

What I’d change

  • I would change the thumbscrew design to something that performs the same but remains attached to the main tool to prevent loss

Final thoughts

This multitool is very functional in terms of the number of built-in tools. My main issue with it is the thumbscrew that I have to remove to get to the screw bits and to use some of the other functions, In my business, I am always running around, and it is very easy and possible for me to lose that screw. Once that screw is lost, the tool can no longer be secured as one unit. I do believe that if the final version of this tool solves that issue, that this Distinct Ultra-thin multitool would earn a permanent place in my EDC gear bag as well as my on-location gear bag.

Price: $30 (Earlybird special) retail after crowdfunding $60
Where to buy: Chiseled Design’s Indiegogo page
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Chiseled Design

2 thoughts on “Chiseled Design Distinct Ultra-Thin 30 Plus Tools-In-1 review”

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  2. Is there any kind of TSA compliance rating for this thing? Looks spiffy but it’d sting if I had to leave it at the airport on the way to a flight.

    1. Here are their rules:
      This multi-tool does not have knives, so low odds of getting confiscated. I think they still allow you to mail an offending item home.
      I have a Keyport multitool, which has a box opener/string cutter. It has been through many airports, and pulled for extra examination twice, but never confiscated. [They took my 1″ Swiss Army knife, as though I could hijack a plane with it. 🙁 ]

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