Cooling Pup will help your pooch beat the summer heat

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NEWS – With the recent heatwave, many of us searched for ways to keep our drinks cold. For most of us cooling off a drink is as simple as tossing ice into it but, what about our dogs drinking water? The Cool Pup is a neat idea for keeping your dogs water chilled even on the hottest summer days.

Cool Pup is a two-piece cooling bowl system that keeps your dog’s water cold for hours. The bowl has a clear acrylic base with a blue gel-like insert. The insert is what does the job of keeping your pups water cold. Just freeze the insert overnight, place it into the acrylic base, and fill it with water. Now your dog will have cold water to drink all day long.

The bowl has a sleek, modern look and the acrylic base makes it durable. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. And cold water outside on a hot summer day is essential for your best friend. The Cool Pup cooling pet bowl is available for $19.99 from Amazon.

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