The EGO Nexus generator can be safely used inside your home

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NEWS – EGO has been on a roll lately. Heck, they’ve been on a roll since practically day one. No one makes battery operated tools as easy to use and as easy to own like EGO. I’m beginning to think the company is appropriately named. Yet, even when you think there are not many tools left to convert to battery, EGO throws a curve-ball. 

You see, as good as their tools are, EGO’s true strength has been in the batteries that run those tools. Each EGO battery is swappable to be used in any EGO tool. How convenient is that? But what if you could harness the power from those batteries to run almost anything—EGO or not? Well, now you can. EGO has just come out with the Nexus Power Station which provides clean and quiet power for outdoor and indoor use—a battery alternative to gas generators powered by EGO’s batteries.

The Nexus Power Station is the first portable power station of its kind. Use in a power outage to plug in a refrigerator or a microwave to cook a quick meal. Take the power station anywhere you do not have convenient power—camping, hiking, boating, tailgating, whatever you can think of. It comes with 3000 watts of peak power with 2000 watt continuous power.  There are three 120v a/c outlets and four usb ports. It’s weather resistant with steel handles for tough after-storm conditions.

There are four battery-mounting slots for connecting any sized EGO batteries for providing power to anything that needs it and to also be charged themselves when plugged into a household outlet. An LED readout provides all the information you need regarding battery life and power used.

The Nexus Power Station sells for $1197 US and comes with two 7.5Ah ARC lithium batteries— currently the largest batteries EGO makes. Any EGO power tool battery can be added to the remaining slots. Visit and Amazon for more information.

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10 thoughts on “The EGO Nexus generator can be safely used inside your home”

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    1. Miguel A GONZALEZ

      QUESTION? How many hours of service runs this Power Ego Generator connecting only a medium refrigerator?

      1. The-Gadgeteerian

        The website is suspiciously light on specs, but does state:

        “Powers a slow cooker’s low setting (70W) for 9 hours.” =so maybe it can supply 600Wh total.

        Meanwhile a 16 cubic foot refrigerator is approximately a 50W load.

        (Source =

        So excluding the exponential losses from running the inverter longer, a hypothetical fridge might be able get around 12 hours from it…if you’re lucky and if you choose to run your batteries completely flat, damaging them and shortening their life expectancy.

        12 hours is low enough that it can be rounded to zero. Keep your $1200.

        If you are dead set on a battery, the Xantrex Powerpack 1500 is a battery plus inverter that supplies 1500W and ~600Wh….so similar in specification.

        Except it costs five hundred bucks and you can put a new battery in it for under $100. And it works if it’s hot and it works if it’s cold.

  2. That price is ridiculous.
    Nope, I had missed the extra 1.
    It is quite an investment but looks worth it.

  3. First off, Ego batteries used in mower will not work in an Ego leave blower or trimmer. Second for the price you could get two gas generators (Harbor Freight} for that price. True it is more convenient to be able to set up the EGO generator inside. But what happens when the batteries runout of juice?

    1. Bill Henderson

      I have the EVO mower and I have used the included batteries on my EGO trimmer. Granted, it’s a lot heavier, but it will do if my other battery is drained.

      Bill H.

        1. The batteries no matter what size 2.5, 5, or 7.5 will work in any and all ego tools. The battery connections are all the exact same. Why you’re saying something wont work without even knowing if it will is ridiculous..

    2. Paul b Williams Jr

      Yes it will
      I have both batteries and they work in all my equipment. Have been doing it for years without any problems.

  4. The-Gadgeteerian

    When did an inverter start being called a generator?

    It doesn’t generate anything. This is a battery.

    Also, for $1200 USD it contains less energy total than a few fluid ounces of gasoline or diesel. Yes, a few ounces.

    What’s the point of paying way more than an ultra-premium generator to get a 1500W power source that would only work for a few minutes at anywhere near 1500W?

    A fool and his money.

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