SANSI A21 omni-directional LED light bulb review

REVIEW – When I first started writing for The Gadgeteer, I never in my dreams thought that I would be reviewing light bulbs. And now, I’m reviewing a second one from the same company. But SANSI has good products, and their new A21 LED is lighting my office as I type this. 5000ºK is daylight-bright. I’m finding all sorts of things in here that I’d thought I lost.

What is it?

An omnidirectional light bulb that screws into standard light-bulb sockets and shows your world in a whole different kind of light.

Design and features

When I was assigned the SANSI A21 LED bulb for review, I thought “OK, another LED replacement bulb. No big deal.” When I put this into the regular table lamp in my office and switched it on, however, I was floored. This office has never been this bright. But it’s not a harsh, other-worldly brightness. It just looks like we removed the ceiling and the sun is shining in and lighting everything up, but there are no noon-day shadows. It’s really hard to put into words what it’s like to suddenly have a skylight in a room with no construction.

It’s a light bulb. But it delivers a totally different color and intensity of light than traditional light bulbs, and uses less energy, to boot!

What I like

  • Full-range natural light
  • No warm-up or delay – flip it on, and the sun’s out.
  • Not harsh or overpowering

What needs to be improved

  • You have to start keeping up with the time because it can be full sunlight at 3 AM with this thing!

Final thoughts

$25 per bulb sounds like a lot of money, but this light is so natural and relaxing, you find yourself being more relaxed and calm. I can’t wait for winter now – SAD will not get to me!

Price: $49.99 for a 2-pack
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by SANSI.

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  2. NB: 5000 K does not refer to the brightness, but just the color. You could have a very dark bulb that is also at 5000 K.

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