The Urban Nomads Bag transforms into a desk for your laptop or tablet

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Urban Nomads Bag
CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Much liked many photographers and gadget nerds that I know, I have been on a never-ending search for the right gear bag for each one of my passions. I already own more photography and videography gears bags than I can count, and I continue to add more to the collection. In addition to those types of bags, I am also always looking for the next EDC bag as well as a bag for when I am busy writing news stories and/or reviews and I just want to carry the relevant laptop and tablet and a few accessories.

Just recently, I came across the Urban Nomads Bag by Nomahawk. This bag allows you to seamlessly integrate your tablet and laptop and use the bag as a platform for working with your devices. It also has neat ways of accommodating your accessories.

The Urban Nomads Bag by Nomahawk will be launching on a Kickstarter Campaign very soon.

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