Ouh Snap Folding Photography Lightbox review

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When in the studio, a good photography Lightbox that produces bright and evenly placed white light, works well for macro or product photography and allows the photographer to take very detailed photos. However, not all Lightboxes are created equal. Will this product from Ouh Snap get a passing grade, or will it end up in the unsuccessful pile? Let’s find out!!

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What is it?

The Ouh Snap Folding Photography Lightbox is a portable, foldable Lightbox that can be quickly assembled and used to take detailed photographs of relatively small objects.

What’s in the pouch

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The Lightbox comes in a compact carrying pouch. In the pouch, you will find the Lightbox, a micro USB cable, and one black and one white background insert.

Design and features

The Lightbox comes folded flat and measures 9″ x 9″ x .5″. Once carefully unfolded, each of the three sections has magnetic tabs on the edges of their triangular sides that clamp to each other to form the Lightbox.

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When the Lightbox is properly oriented, there is a LED light strip across the top, with an “exposed” micro USB port on the top-left side.Lightbox 6
The LED strip can be powered via a USB power pack or a cell phone type USB wall adapter. The USB power pack that I used to test this Lightbox has one 1A port and one 2.4A port. The Lightbox only works properly on the 2.4A port. The 1A port does not provide enough current and produces a very, very dim light.
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For the photography tests, I used a Canon EOS 7D Mark II with a Canon 24-105mm F4L lens. The first two photos were taken using the white insert, and as you can see, the pictures are crisp and clear but there is some bluing in the background. For the purpose of showing the effects of light and shadows and reflection in the box, I set the camera to Auto White Balance, and I did not correct in post.

The second two photographs were taken with the black insert, and were also quite clear, with a bit of reflection. What I really like about the black insert is the nice texture that it provides for the background.

What I like

I really like that the Lightbox is light and portable and that the setup is quick and easy. I also like the bright built-in LED light strip, and that it can be powered by a USB power pack. The two included background inserts fit well and work well for specific desired looks.

What can be improved

• The addition of an enclosure to protect the USB port
• The inclusion of flexible PVC background inserts along with a way to secure them when installed would be a  great addition
• A longer micro USB cable with a wall adapter

Final thoughts

When I need to photograph small objects or products, and the need is not for photographs that will undergo critical scrutiny, the Ouh Snap Photography Lightbox is a nice alternative to setting up my much larger Lightbox. It is quick and easy to setup, and very portable. Only time will tell whether or not it will endure the constant folding and unfolding, and whether or not the exposed micro USB port will succumb to regular use.

Price: $22.95
Where to buy: OuhSnap
Source: The sample for this review was provided by OuhSnap

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