The Arsenal Intelligent Camera Assistant seems to be an amazing product that can guarantee the perfect photo

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As a lover of outdoor photography, I really enjoy capturing unique photos whether I am in a nature park or my favorite place, the beach. What I do find each time I head out to these locations, is that I often get the opportunity to take an amazing photo, but capturing that moment with the all of the right camera settings does not always work out well. I usually take as many photos as I can of my chosen scene, sometimes adjusting settings as quickly as possible before the moment is gone. While I do take several test shots prior to starting, there are many variables to outdoor photography that can change moment by moment. When I head back to the studio, I know that I can edit the photos to enhance the originals, but getting the best original is a fundamental prerequisite for an amazing photograph.

A few days ago as I was browsing the internet, I came across a gadget that may just be a great solution for my needs. Arsenal is an intelligent camera assistant that utilizes Artificial Intelligence, and according to the website, it is the first of its kind. Arsenal uses a set of algorithms to suggest the best settings for the picture you are attempting to take, to ensure the perfect shot. It can intelligently consider all the visual environmental characteristics and arrive at the perfect settings for your camera. Its automatic adjustment of your camera settings also includes consideration of the type of lens that you are using, and its capabilities. In addition, it allows you to remotely control your camera, and to adjust settings manually if so desired. Arsenal can also automate photo stacking and save the result back to your camera’s memory card as a RAW or JPG file.

The Arsenal Intelligent Camera Assistant seems to be an amazing product that I will review if I ever get my hands on one. You can pre-order one today on the Arsenal website for $175.

5 thoughts on “The Arsenal Intelligent Camera Assistant seems to be an amazing product that can guarantee the perfect photo”

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  2. Ok, Julian, I await anxiously your review. Also, would you do some research on less expensive camera with this system? It sounds and looks amazing. It will make most of the high dollar cameras the latest fax, if it works.

  3. Hi Joe,
    As I mentioned in the news story, I do not have a sample of this item to review. However, if I do get my hands on one, I certainly will let you know.

  4. I bought into the Kickstarter hype Nov 2017…you can have mine if you want it — I already own a doorstop. (I would say ‘paperweight’, but it won’t even function as that)

    It’s basically a remote trigger that won’t connect to 90% of the cell phones on the market, forces constant app closes, and doesn’t actually stack photos, combine images for HDR, or export the time-lapse video…sometimes it doesn’t even record the photo to your SD or CF card!

    To accomplish ANY of the tasks Arsenal advertises, you need to purchase 3rd party software like Photoshop to combine the images manually after the shoot. It does not exposure stack, focus stack, or work in handheld mode. After the 9.1.4 firmware update last week, it will not function at ALL — the app refuses to even acknowledge that I OWN an Arsenal now.

    Tried to contact tech support 5 different times for 5 different issues. 48hrs later, they email back asking the status of the blue light. Each time, I respond with the light status. (I think they believe that asking about the light magically fixes the issue, because nobody has responded to ANY of my requests for help since I responded with the status each time.) The folks over at Kickstarter are either grossly incompetent, or in WAAAAAY over their heads. They released a product 8 months late, that never should have been sent to the backers.

  5. Yes, Arsenal was a complete bust. Although released, it still doesn’t work on several cameras, and will probably never work to focus stack on Sony, since all other device manufacturers say the Sony API will not support automated focus stacking. It took three tries, but I finally got my money back

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