The ARiNA is a Bluetooth speaker with extra talents


I really appreciate gadgets that perform their intended function well, but also offer additional features that can simplify and consolidate several gadgets into one to save space, power outlets and more. The Muemma ARiNA Bluetooth speaker does just that. It’s a modern looking circular Bluetooth 4.0 speaker that provides 360 degree sound for your favorite tunes while also offering a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. No, that’s not all this speaker can do. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface, where its bowl-like shape can double as a holder for your keys, wallet, etc. The ARiNA can also charge your smartphone and last but not least, you can customize the speaker by switching out the felted covers. The Muemma ARiNA Bluetooth speaker is priced at €159.95 – €169.95 and is available in Black, Charcoal, Grey, Red, Blue and Pink covers. For more info visit

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