Rock your own world with Here Active Listening earbuds

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With over 25,000 people on a wait list to get these little gems, it may be awhile until you can get your hands on them.  These initially crowdfunded earbuds which were named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2015, promise the ability to augment the sound in your life…yes, they may just rock your world – literally.  Imagine the ability to use an app on your phone, along with these earbuds to tune out distractions at the library, or tune up your jam session in the garage to sound like you’re in a huge amphitheater.  You will be able to adjust the EQ, the volume and the sound effects of everything around you to personalize your world to suit you.  This could give teenagers the ability to turn up the volume of music when their favorite song comes on without everyone having to suffer through it, however…I suppose they could also tune out the voice of their parents as well.  The $249.00 price tag seems hefty to me, but if they are still around when I’m older, they are they kind of hearing aids I would want! For more information, or to get on the waiting list visit Doppler Labs.

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