Protect all your devices from water with Flash Flood

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As our smart devices become more and more ingrained into our daily lives, the risk of damaging them increases. Most of us have our phones nearby when we’re working, eating, at the gym, at the pool etc. Perhaps you’ve been on vacation when a storm occurs and found yourself scrambling to protect your camera from the elements. Maybe you’ve found yourself worrying about sweat damaging your headphones during your morning run.

Flash Flood is a line of sealants designed to protect your devices from a variety of liquids. Ironically, Flash Flood is a liquid you apply to your devices that makes them water resistant. After applying Flash Flood, your screen remains as clear as it was before application. Flash Flood should protect your device for 6 to 12 months depending on usage.

Flash Flood is available for £22.50 ($35.09) with free worldwide shipping from Nanostate.

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