Corkcicle lets you say goodbye to watered down drinks

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Corkcicle says the Whiskey Wedge is the artful way to a perfectly chilled, but not watered down, drink.  The Whiskey Wedge includes a glass and a silicone wedge.  To prepare the glass for use, you insert the silicone form into the glass, then fill the glass with water through the opening in the top of the form.  After four hours in the freezer, you have a wedge of ice that will cool your drink, but it won’t melt and water down your beverage as quickly as cubes because it has less surface area.  Corkcicle says the Whiskey Wedge is perfect for serving whiskey, bourbon, scotch, vodka, and tequila.

The Whiskey Wedge with one glass and one silicone form is $17.95 from Corkcicle.

3 thoughts on “Corkcicle lets you say goodbye to watered down drinks”

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  2. It is well-known that a few drops of water in scotch opens up subtle flavors that would not be tasted otherwise.

    But the way I was taught to drink scotch was to add only 4 or 5 drops of water. And to cool the drink with something like the non-water “rocks” or non-melting cold objects.

  3. Robert van Weersch

    Good whisk(e)y should not be chilled but served at room temperature. Chilling the drink makes it easier to drink, but also kills a large amount of the flavours, so that is not advisable with a good whisky. What Sandee states is correct: some whisky’s can “open up” after adding water (2-5 drops), but that only applies to cask strength whisky; all other whisky is already diluted to bring down the alcohol level from 50-60% to 40-45, so adding some drops will not accomplish anything.

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