Synergy offers Pro version with SSL encryption

Synergy, a mouse and keyboard sharing utility, recently released a new version of its software – Synergy Pro. The Pro version offers turn-key SSL encryption, which helps keep sensitive data safe on public networks, as well as upgraded technical support.

Synergy lets you use one mouse and keyboard combination on two or more different computers. Synergy supports Windows, OS X, and Linux. I use both Mac and Windows computers at work for various tasks, sometimes at the same time. I use Synergy so that I don’t have to switch to a different keyboard and mouse to work between the two.

With the Pro upgrade, Synergy now comes in three flavors: Basic for $9.99, Pro for $29.99, and an Enterprise version for businesses. You can find more information on the Synergy Project website.

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  • Aphoid May 7, 2015, 5:20 pm

    I’ve used Synergy for years. It’s a fantastic little cross-platform, open-source tool and I use it every day at work to share a keyboard and mouse with my Linux and Mac workstations. The developer(s) who have taken it over have been making great strides of late: fixing bugs and adding great improvements.

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