Make sure your small dog always has fresh, clean water

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My dog, Teddy, seems to shed year round.  That means those darn dog hairs get everywhere, even in his water bowl.  He won’t drink water with hair in it, and it’s a pain trying to make sure his water meets his standards so he’ll drink enough during the day.  And that’s with me here with him all day.  If you have to leave your dog while you’re at work, you can use the Naturespa UV Fountain for Dogs to make sure his water is clean and bacteria-free.  The Naturespa has a “charcoal filtration system that constantly moves the water through a carbon filter to remove debris and impurities, so water stays fresh and clean. When water tastes better, your small dog will want to drink more – and drinking enough water is one of the most important things a small dog must do to stay healthy.”  In addition to the charcoal filter, the Naturespa UV Fountain has – you guessed it! – a “UV sterilization system that kills the bacteria and microorganisms that cause slime.”  The waterspout provides “fresh aerated running water, like a faucet”.  It has a blue LED nightlight (though dogs probably don’t need that), a quiet pump, and an auto-shutoff function to prevent motor burnout when the water level drops too low.  It holds 58 ounces, and it’s made of human-grade ABS plastic.  This fountain should work for cats, too.

The Naturespa UV Fountain for Dogs is normally $69.99, but Pet Healthy Store is currently offering it for $39.99.

2 thoughts on “Make sure your small dog always has fresh, clean water”

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  2. I love the idea of this, I really do. Unfortunately, my cat would rather drink raw sewage water that has been sitting still for days and is covered by a thin film of malaria than drink fresh, clean water.

    (For the record, I do not let her drink that kind of water. However, she doesn’t mind the slimy water that didn’t drain out of the bathtub the last time my daughter took a bath… 3 days ago.)

    1. Same with my dog – he has an outside water bowl and an inside bowl. Outside bowl is filled with hose water (rubbery goodness, if are you old enough to remember drinking out of a hose) + algae. Inside bowl is tap water, leftover bottled, or reverse osmosis water. He always preferred the outside bowl.

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