This carabiner has a tool kit and a key retainer built in


The KeyBiner is an active Kickstarter project that has exceeded its funding goal by more than 6000%, and it still has 17 days to go in the funding period.  It seems everybody wants one of these carabiners with a tool kit (1/8″- 3/16″ – 1/4″ – 5/16″ – 3/8″ 10mm  wrenches; screw bit driver; and flat blade screw driver/pry bar/file).  It also comes with various sized screws and hardware so you can custom fit the key retention bar to hold as many keys as you need (up to 14, depending on size and orientation).  There’s even an optional 32GB flash drive that you can add to the KeyBiner.  Pledge $35 for an aluminum KeyBiner with the tools and key retention hardware; a pledge of $51 is required to add a flash drive to the aluminum KeyBiner.  Higher pledge levels get you a copper or titanium KeyBiner.  The funding period continues through .

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