Jabra Sport ROX wireless earbuds review

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I have reviewed multiple sport headphones and earbuds over the years. Using wireless streaming via Bluetooth while working out has become much more the norm than the exception. Sport-centric Bluetooth earbuds have become less bulky, better sounding, and much hardier…making the experience more enjoyable. The Sport ROX Wireless are Jabra’s latest and greatest “premium wireless earbuds” engineered to create richer sound, be more durable, and hopefully get closer to true workout-Zen.


Box Contents:

  • Protective Bag
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • EarWings
  • EarGel Pack


According to Jabra, the Sport ROX Wireless earbuds are built to US Military rain, shock, sand, and dust standards making them sweat and stormproof. Though on the same page Jabra calls them ‘LIFE PROOF: WEATHER & SWEAT RESISTANT’ and in my running in the dumping rain experience, there is definitely a difference between -proof and -resistant.


Compared to previous/similar earbuds the Sport ROX are very well built and solid.  The build quality of the Sport ROX is the best I have seen thus far in Bluetooth fitness earbuds. The front is made of a hard plastic with a metal cover over the back.  The earbuds play music and/or talk for around 5 hours from its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Jabra Sport ROX is able to ‘simple pair’ with NFC-enabled smart devices, just touch the NFC-device together with the Sport ROX to pair them quickly and effortlessly.


The Jabra Sport ROX sound very nice. The speakers give full Dolby Digital sound, providing you a great music experience while running/biking/training/etc. The Sport ROX block out ambient noise via noise-isolation design. The sound is rich with relatively deep bass though much of that is lost if they become loose.


One of the Sport ROX’s most interesting/unique features is its battery-saving power magnets, that enable you to clip the earbuds together around your neck putting them into hibernation mode to conserve battery power. Pulling them apart awakens, reconnects, and returns you right back where your smart device was previously playing. 


The inline mic/remote control is just as nicely/well made as the rest of the Sport ROX. The front of the inline control system is a hard rubber with the usual plus, minus and center buttons giving you the ability to play or pause music, skip tracks, control volume and take calls.  The back is a metal plate with ‘Jabra’ engraved into its center. The microphone did a good job picking up my voice with little to no distortion. Everyone I talked with said I sounded clear and loud.


The Sport ROX Wireless comes with four sets of earbuds and three sets of GelWings of various sizes, enabling you to tweak the fit, comfort, and stability. Typically this type of earbud does not sit very well in my ear, falls out, or I am continuously having to adjust them while running. The add-on GelWings do a great job securing the earbuds without having to force them into your ear. The medium earbuds and GelWings kept the Sport ROX rock solid and well positioned in my ears.

The Bluetooth enabled Sport ROX wireless earbuds are secure, light, comfortable, while providing premium wireless sound. The earbuds are very well-constructed with a solid steel magnetic body, engineered to be rugged, sweat and weatherproof. Its unique power-saving magnets let you pause the music while resting. The ROX are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a pair of wireless sport earbuds.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Jabra. Please visit www.jabra.com for more info.


Product Information

  • Bluetooth enabled smart-device
  • Well designed/engineered
  • Rugged, sweat- and weatherproof
  • Premium Dolby wireless sound
  • Easy NFC pairing
  • Magnetic hibernation mode
  • Good fit
  • Cost on par with similar wireless, sport earbuds
  • None

7 thoughts on “Jabra Sport ROX wireless earbuds review”

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  2. Damn! My Blue Ant Pump wireless waterproof earbuds died two days ago. (I forgot to close the clover on the charging port.)

    But I already bought a replacement.

    These look much better as they don’t wrap around the top of the ear.

    I need to check the return policy for Amazon so maybe I can get these.

  3. What is the difference between the Sport Rox and the Rox Wireless? I just bought the Rox Wireless and will be using for my gym sessions and jogging.

  4. my 2 week old sports rox wireless just died during a run – can’t charge or turn on now. likely from sweat leak. i was trying to google if anyone else had this problem (i didnt read any posts stating this problem before i got it) and there was 1 buried post (much like the one i am posting – sited right at the bottom of a positive review). Could be me just being oversweaty but if you sweat alot – here’s my cautionary tale. Back to cheap wired durable headphones.

    1. I just faced the same the issue John but with their general Jabra Rox. But they started working after some time. Going to return them as I’m within Amazon’s return policy period. I thought these would be better as they have IP56 rating.

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