Create your own Sharknado in your living room

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Air Swimmers are helium filled durable nylon balloons shaped like a great white shark, bass or clownfish (aka Nemo). They are controlled with a battery powered infra-red handheld controller that has a 40 foot range to let them “swim” through the air with life-like motion. The fish are 57 inches long and 36 inches tall and are designed to be used indoors. The fish stay inflated for up to two weeks and can be reinflated over and over anyplace where helium balloons are sold. Air Swimmers are made by WMC and are available for $23.94 from Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Create your own Sharknado in your living room”

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  2. When I worked for a balloon distributor we got a bunch of these as “SAMPLES”. We “Sampled” the hell out of them. They are a ton of fun. Keep in mind you need REAL helium. A lot of store sell w 40/60 mix of Helium/air. They do this to save money since helium is so expensive. Avoid dollar store/tree type stores. I knows ours lasted 6+ months of play in the office. You will need to refill it every 2-3 weeks, and occasionally replacing the rubber bands and tape. We just used standard office equipment to do repairs.

    These WILL pop/rupture if a kid tackles them. Or you fly into a ceiling fan on anything higher than low. If you keep them in the air, and don’t fly them into porcupines they will last a long time.

  3. They also make other fish. Get two and you can “battle” them. They movements are so gentle you can have contests to push the other past a line with no damage to the fish.

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