This spice set brings a bit of the laboratory into your kitchen


I have a soft spot for all the lab glassware-styled barware that ThinkGeek has offered in the past.  (My beakers and flasks shot glasses are decorating my desk right now.)  Their new Chemist’s Spice Rack is calling my name.  It would look great in my kitchen with its dark wood cabinets and black countertop that looks so much like the benches in the chemistry labs of my college years.  The set consists of a big Erlenmeyer flask for cooking oil (3.25″ X 5.75″ tall)), three smaller Erlenmeyers for salt, pepper, and sugar (1.9″ X 3.25″ tall), and 9 test tubes (1.1″ X 3″ tall) for spices.  Each piece has a rubber stopper; the salt and pepper stoppers have holes for shaking out the seasoning, and the oil flask has a pouring spout.  You’ll also get a set of 54 spice labels that look like cells on the Periodic Table of the Elements; the Erlenmeyers are pre-labeled.   The set is completed by a metal rack to store everything on.  The Chemist’s Spice Rack is $49.99 at ThinkGeek.

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  • Kathleen Chapman September 23, 2014, 6:25 pm

    That is so cool! I love the look of the flasks, test tubes and labels. I would need an industrial size version of this though, because I buy my spices in bulk.

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