The Clutch, Slid and Anchor Links are three accessories to help you hold on to your camera

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So, you have that camera you always wanted and now you are looking for accessories to help make you a better shooter. Neck straps and hand straps are a couple of items that come to mind when I think of camera accessories and, the Clutch, Slide and Anchor Links Kickstarter project from Peter Dering and Peak Design are some rather unique ones. The Slide is a sling/neck/shoulder strap with a twist. Made out of tubular seat belt style webbing what makes this strap unique besides it versatility is the adjustment system that locks in place and makes it easy to adjust the Slide to whatever size you need. 


The Clutch is a custom hand strap designed to be user-friendly and easy to remove. The Clutch has a cinching buckle that allows you to adjust it easily for ease of use. Made with premium materials and custom hardware, the clutch is a fine-looking accessory

Anchor Links

The Clutch and the Slide are designed to be used in conjunction with the Anchor Links. What are Anchor Links? Basically they are quick connectors for your came straps and accessories. The Anchors are little discs connected to Vectran cord that you attach to your camera. The Links are strap adapters that the Anchors slide securely into. The Links will work on straps up to 12mm wide.There are many pledge points for this project with a $15 pledge getting you 1 set of Anchor Links. This project is seeking funding until August 15, 2014 and if successful will start shipping the product in the October 2014 time frame.

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