Cartegram is a global scavenger hunt game

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Cartegram is a Kickstarter campaign for a scavenger hunt game that gets you off the couch and outside exploring your own town. Don’t worry, it’s not like geocaching where you have to use a GPS and sometimes cryptic clues to find the cache. Cartegram looks to be a significantly easier than that because everyone who plays will have a different take on each step along the way. Cartegram consists of a pocket notebook and stickers. The notebook has stages that prompt you to find something in your own surroundings. For example, the first one tells you to find a library. The next step is to stick the included icon (sticker) for that stage on an object and take a picture with your smartphone. You’re then prompted to share it on Instagram with the #cartegram tag and stage number so other players can compare their own findings for that stage. The 2 inch stickers are biodegradable and are meant to disappear with moisture (or you could just take the pic and then remove the sticker…). If this sounds like fun, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page and make a pledge. Pledges start at $15 for one notebook and go up to $50 for a pack of five. Funding ends on 7/22/14.

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