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When asked to participate in this series I was reluctant, actually I am reluctant, mainly because my writing area has been declared a mess by certain individuals in my household.  But then again, I subscribe to the old saying that “if a cluttered desk is evidence of a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk signify”.  I feel comfortable with all my “things” within easy reach.

To insure that I don’t corrupt my personal use system, I have another that I dedicate to hardware and software reviews.  Although I’ve only had one instance of a hardware driver corrupting my PC, going through the pain of re-installing everything justifies having two.


The Windows 7 PC on the right is what I use for day-to-day writing and financial transactions.

On the left is the test system which is a Windows Vista PC.  Both PCs are from Dell.  The monitor for the test system is a re-purposed 20″ TV.  Also connected to the monitor, through an HDMI switch, are an old Roku box and an Android box.  In addition to the 2 PCs, I have a Windows 7 laptop, iPod touch, iPad 2 and an iPad mini.  There are a couple of wireless printers ,scanners, Internet radios, Rokus and wireless security cameras scattered around the house.  Shortly I hope to add an Asus Chromebox to the configuration.  I’m on the wait-list!


Everything that can be is networked, which makes it difficult if we have a power failure (something not unheard of in NH -:)  Besides the computers, I am dependent upon the Internet for telephone communication.  All my phone lines are VOIP and I have them backed up with a Battery UPS.

In addition, the Windows 7 PC, modem and wireless router have their own Battery back-up.  I can sustain operation for about an hour during a power failure, which covers most outages here.  If it goes longer, I have a generator that powers most of the house. In the event I lose my 50 Mb/s cable connection, I have a mobile hotspot that comes into play.  It may be only 3G, but it’s better than nothing.

It may not be neat, but it works for me!

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  2. Wow what a setup. I understand why you can justify having two computers to avoid having to reinstall everything. I just had to have my offsite backup restore my work computer and it was a nightmare.

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