Carbonlite aerospace-grade carbon fiber minimal wallet


This is a Kickstarter project that’s already raised over 7X the funding goal with just over a week left in the funding period.  The Carbonlite wallet is a minimalist wallet made from two plates of “premium aerospace grade 6k 2×2 weave instead of the standard 3k 1×1. All of our carbon fiber has a smooth, durable, mirror-like finish and a deep three-dimensional luster that shifts with the light.”  You can hold 1 to 10 credit cards in the Carbonlite.  You can also order it with an optional money clip that lays flat until you need it; it will hold up to 8 bills.  You can even get the Carbonlite with RFID shields to protect the information stored on your cards.  Funding continues through Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 at 3:44 AM EST.  You can pledge $60 for a wallet with no money clip nor RFID shielding ($95 with the shielding) or $65 for a wallet with a money clip and no RFID shielding ($100 with the shielding).

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