COOKOO Bluetooth watch review

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Do you like to always stay connected, but your phone is always in your jacket or bag? Then take a look at the COOKOO watch – a project originally funded on Kickstarter by Peter Hauser. The COOKOO watch is a smart looking and useful watch that always stays connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and alerts you when receiving a new email, alert, social media post, or call in real time.

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I received my COOKOO watch right before the new year.  It has a nice large face that displays various icon notifications, and comes in a clever, reusable birdhouse case.  I find it comfortable on my skin due to the flexible silicon band. It is a bit heavy, since the face is about 0.75in thick and made of stainless steel.  I don’t wear it everyday because of that, so I hope that if there are future versions of the watch, they can manage to slim it down a bit and make it lighter.  I’d then be inclined to purchase the second version, even at the current price point – after all, many designer watches that don’t carry Bluetooth technology can cost just as much!

I also do find that the current features are a bit limited at the moment, but more are promised in due time. I realize the iOS app is a work in progress, so I will wait for updates.  Right now the notification alerts available are battery alert levels, incoming call, missed call, Facebook post/message, and calendar reminder. Here are a few screenshots of available options in the iOS app:

ConnecteDevice-CookooWatch-4 ConnecteDevice-CookooWatch-6

You can also set your alerts to be audible (a beep or two), vibration, or both.  The following image is the watch face showing notifications for missed call alert and a calendar reminder.


It’s pretty easy to get the watch connected to your iOS device.  Ensure Bluetooth is enabled and select the “CONNECT” button on the watch. The app will then ask to pair, and you should be all set.


If you navigate around the app, you will notice that you can set your location from your watch via the “COMMAND” button (drop a pin on a map), and set an alarm. You can also find your iOS device if it’s lost, by holding down the CONNECT button as a “medium press” (about two seconds).  When it’s found, a humorous “cookoo” alarms chimes on the iOS device.

The COMMAND button on the watch can also be used as a remote camera trigger, so that you can rest your iOS device else where and take a photo.  I can see this being useful when wanting to take a group photo.

Right now the COOKOO app is available on the iTunes app store; an Android app is coming soon. Battery life on the device should be about three years, which is great considering you don’t need to charge it! It uses a standard CR2032 button-cell battery that is easy to replace by yourself and without special tools.

In conclusion, I’d recommend this watch if you don’t mind a thicker/bigger face. I like the fact that the battery lasts a while without needing to charge (like an analog watch), and even if the features are limited, I know more are coming soon!  Now that many tech gadgets rely on communication with smartphone apps, developers can send out updates frequently and improve devices that we already own.


Product Information

Price:$129.99 - $249.99
Manufacturer:ConnecteDevice Ltd.
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 5 or higher
  • Notifications that are available are very accurate
  • Nice materials and build quality
  • Watch is a bit heavy on the wrist
  • Not all promised notifications are available now
  • No Android app available yet

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  2. I just bought a COOKOO watch last Saturday and am bit confused. I don’t mind the bigger size and like the look of the watches! I don’t get the functionality, though. What is the purpose of this watch? I cannot see who is calling (yet?) and normally don’t leave my phone behind and do not need the notifications. I had also connectivity issues and had to reconnect all the time. The vibra of the device is quite soft and so is the signal. While I like the idea of a smart watch COOKOO is still a bit away from adding much smartness to my life.

  3. Dracului. If you can’t see who’s calling, don’t need notifications, and don’t understand the COOKOO’s purpose, then why did you buy one? You could have watched the YouTube videos that demonstrate its functionality. I bought a Pebble to see who’s calling or texting without having to pull my smartphone out of my pocket. I own a Galaxy Note II with a flip cover case — more like a small tablet than a phone. The Pebble complements it perfectly.

  4. Except .. the pebble isn’t available to anyone yet and I am an investor expected to get some of the first batch :/ But I do get your point.

  5. I need to reconnect it every time and m not getting notification of Calls and messages . According to me this device need much more update till then this device is of no use as u need to reconnect it every time. As per my point of view just don’t waste ur money buying this watch device sucks.

  6. I bought this watch and had such connectivity problems and the notifications were sporadic. I took it back, exchanged it, and it did the same thing. Looks nice, doesn’t work…

  7. I’m just about to order one, when I suddenly remembered that nobody buys watch because of the functionality. Just because it’s cheap and I’m a watch lover. I’m glad I think twice before buying this stuff. Also, I think the hands are markers are not lumed?

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