ATOMS Express Toys Kickstarter Project

atomblocks_logoempowerI have been a builder all my life. To this day, I still love playing with LEGOs and Erector sets. So, it is exciting when folks use modern technology to take these classic thinking-toys to the next level. The designers and engineers at The Seamless Toy Company have created the ATOMS Express smart block system to bring life to kids’ (both big and small) creations. ATOMS Express Toys are designed/built to work with stuff kids already have, like LEGOs, costumes, stuffed animals, Barbies, action figures, etc. The ATOMS smart-blocks can be used to create cars that can drive, buildings that explode, and monsters that move, to name just a few ideas. Once built, you can control and maneuver your creations with your iOS device (iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad). You can checkout their Kickstarter page here or take a look at their video on that page.

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  • nicky December 22, 2012, 5:29 am

    cool stuff, but the IOS orientation bothers me about kids toys…

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