Take Pictures from Any Angle with the Samsung MV800

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samsung mv800 cameraSamsung‘s new MultiView MV800 camera has a 3-inch LCD flip-out touchscreen display that can be angled from 0 – 180 degrees.  You’ll be able to take pictures from eye level or waist height by angling the view screen, or flip it completely up so you can see to take perfectly- framed self-portraits.  The MV800 has a 16.1MP resolution and 5X optical zoom for sharp, clear pictures.  Dual Image Stabilization keeps everything in focus.  You can even take HD video with this camera, then connect it to the TV via HDMI cable to watch playback on a bigger screen.  It has software that lets you edit your photos to add filters effects or give a funhouse effect to faces.  The “3D Photo” software can transform any still or panoramic photo into 3D when you connect the camera to a 3D HDTV.  The MV800 is $279.99; check the product page to order online or find other online and brick-and-mortar retailers near you.

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