GORUCK ‘brings it’ with rugged, USA-made packs

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Had it with packs that can’t hold up to real, down-and-dirty use?  Have a look at GORUCK.  The name is a combination of “go” which implies movement and “ruck” (short for rucksack, a military word for backpack) which implies action, energy and purpose.  GORUCK’s products are designed by a former US Special Forces (AKA Green Beret) operator to be useful, tough and have a clean, low-profile appearance, and are manufactured in the USA.  GORUCK also sponsors the GORUCK Challenge, a team adventure event in the spirit of the hard-core training of the US Special Forces, in which the participants wear GORUCK backpacks loaded down with bricks(!).  Pictured is the GR2, the largest of GORUCK’s backpacks which has room in lots of compartments for your stuff including one for a hydration bladder/laptop, which sells for $395.  Yeah, it’s a bit pricey, but so is the stuff you haul around, right?

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2 thoughts on “GORUCK ‘brings it’ with rugged, USA-made packs”

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  2. I can attest to the quality of these packs, I’ve had my GR1 for almost a year now and it’s like a tank. These bags will last 20 years+ easy! So the cost-benefit ratio is to our advantage!

    A little on the heavy side, but you’d be amazed how much you can pack into these things as they have no micro-managed compartments… it’s also less stressing when unpacking at your destination — you just fling open the bag like an open clamshell and viola! — access to everything whilst everything can be seen through mesh. It’s a big relief, especially if you think you’ve forgotten something half-way out the door, just flip it open and everything you’ve packed can be seen right in front of you. No stress foraging through different compartments.

    The one thing I must say, if you are tall, definitely go for the GR2.

    Pro tip: if you’d like to compartmentalise your gadgets/gear in this bag, I’d recommend getting packing cubes or carry cases. They help a lot. That said, I can wait for Goruck’s imminent new product lines, which will include pouches and attachable add-ons.

  3. @Rob – Great feedback! I’d like to give one of GORUCK’s packs a field test myself. Didn’t know they were working on a new product line. Looking forward to seeing it.

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